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As your bank grows, we’ll help you with loans for capitalization, acquisitions, refinancing and restructuring – with terms and conditions tailored to your bank and its owners.

With a team dedicated to correspondent banking, Bell can provide flexible underwriting, competitive lending terms and prices, fast decision-making and consistent communication. Having partnered with hundreds of community banks, we’ll help you enhance your customer relationships through our experience-based expertise in participation loans, bank stock and ownership loans and equipment financing.

We become your behind-the-scenes partner, helping you work in a larger relationship without threatening your relationship with your customer.


Why Bell

Our correspondent banking experts will get you clear answers and fast decisions. Learn how to choose the right partner.
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  • Participation Loans
  • Bank Stock & Ownership Loans

Connect With Us

We offer your bank flexible underwriting, terms and pricing on loans – plus the fastest decision-making around. Let's make it happen.

Competing Against the “Big Guys”

At Bell, we take pride in the lending partnerships we’ve established with more than 300 other independent community banks in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. We’ll help you enhance your customer relationships – and as your bank grows, we’ll help you meet your needs.

Our dedicated correspondent banking and credit team provides you with:

  • Flexible underwriting
  • Competitive lending terms and pricing
  • Fast decision-making
  • Consistent communication


We offer loans and services related to:

  • Participation loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Agricultural loans
  • Bank stock and ownership loans
  • Bank building financing
  • Business and personal loans for bankers
  • Personal trust, retirement and asset management services 
    Not FDIC insured | May lose value | Not financial institution guaranteed | Not a deposit | Not insured by federal government agency
  • 401(k) retirement plans for banks
    Not FDIC insured | May lose value | Not financial institution guaranteed | Not a deposit | Not insured by federal government agency


Our correspondent banking promise to you

In providing correspondent services, we become the behind-the-scenes partner, helping banks work in a larger relationship without threatening their customer relationship. We will not cross-sell other bank services to your customers.

We’re interested in helping other independent community banks compete against “the big guys.” Learn how to choose the right correspondent banking partner.

Contact one of our correspondent bankers about your request!

We can give you an indication of our interest quickly, without your loan committee sending us your full request package – that can come later. This makes your job easier and limits the time you need to spend searching for a correspondent bank.


Participation Loans

As your customers grow, so do their credit demands. By participating part of the relationship, you can better serve your customers.

Participation loans give you:
  1. Greater flexibility in working with liquidity and lending limits: You can accommodate larger loan requests or diversify your portfolio by participating loans.
  2. Enhanced income: You can increase your loan yield by retaining a servicing fee.
  3. Flexible loan terms: Bell offers a wide range of fixed and variable rate options, including longer-term fixed rates.
  4. Confidentiality: All financial information is, of course, confidential. It is not our intent to be a commercial competitor in your market, and we will not pursue your customers for additional business.
  5. New opportunities: Bell participates various loans to our network of banks, helping you grow and diversify your loan portfolio by adding different industries or markets.
When working with a correspondent bank, it’s important to make sure you have a strong partner on your side. Learn 6 ways you could benefit from a correspondent partnership with Bell.

Contact one of our correspondent bankers about your request!


Bank Stock & Ownership Loans

We are pleased to provide funding for bank stock loans for:
  • Regulatory capital requirements
  • Acquisitions
  • Refinancing
  • Sub S restructuring

We also offer business and personal loans to:
  • Bank owners
  • Insiders
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Officers
When working with a correspondent bank, it’s important to make sure you have a strong partner on your side. Bell Bank is one of the only banks that has a dedicated correspondent department specializing in correspondent lending, credit, 401(k) plans, trust services and insurance. Our mission is to help other community banks succeed and grow.


To find out how we can put our expertise to work for you, contact Callie Schlieman, SVP/correspondent banker at 701-433-7430 or


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