Mark Lauffenburger

Mark Lauffenburger

SVP/Commercial Banker

I strongly agree with our mission of exceeding customer expectations in an environment of strong family values. We have large bank capabilities, but are able to personalize our customer’s experiences and translate our products to meet specific needs. Our team approach to client relationships is very effective. This is a collegial working atmosphere with fun people that respect and care for each other. Who could ask for more?

With my position, I enjoy the long-term relationships I am able to build with customers, accountants and attorneys that are a natural result of our work in the banking industry. I am able to be a meaningful part of the lives of our customers as their businesses mature, families grow older and succession plans take place. It is gratifying to see the success of small business owners and experience that with them.

Throughout my career I have remained close to the communities we serve and have taken an active role in a number of civic organizations. That leads to a sense of purpose and the knowledge that I can make a difference.

I ski a bit in the winter, but mostly plan for the next season of golf, biking and summer activities.