Robert Makanoeich

VP/Commercial Banker

What I enjoy most about working at Bell Bank is the family-oriented culture with its team approach, where we keep our promises to customers and prioritize excellent customer service. I also appreciate that Bell is easy to do business with, employees are happy and energized, we’re given the support we need to motivate us to succeed, and we have knowledgeable and caring leaders.

In my role, my main focus is building long-term relationships with business clients. In that capacity, I become a trusted advisor and resource, helping customers grow their businesses by offering specialized banking services. My areas of focus include: financing solutions for commercial real estate, working capital, partner buyout, business acquisition, equipment financing and treasury management. I cover both commercial and industrial (C&I) owner-occupied as well as investor commercial real estate and work on Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) and 504 loans.

Meeting with business owners to learn about their company and industry, building relationships and trustworthiness with customers, and celebrating with business owners throughout their growth cycle are among my favorite parts of my job. I also value the opportunities I have to learn from industry leaders, work with professional commercial real estate investors, and offer specialized banking solutions that are comparable with larger corporate banks. 

A Chicago native, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in finance from DeVry University before starting my banking career in 1991. Along the way, I have focused on leadership, business development and business banking.

My wife, Renette, and I live in Peoria, Ariz., and have 4 sons (including identical twins). Outside of work, you’ll often find me spending time with my boys – playing soccer, volleyball, football, ping pong, swimming, riding bike and hiking. I also enjoy movie nights and traveling with my family. Being able to speak and write in 3 languages, I love to learn about different cultures and have travelled extensively since age 13 (mostly on solo trips) to Iran, Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Canada and throughout the United States.

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