Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?

Mar 29 2019

Insurance can be an important part of a solid financial plan, helping protect your finances and prepare you as much as possible for the unexpected.
Bell Insurance

The advantage of working with an independent insurance agency is our ability to design policies to best serve our customers, says Brian Hayer, managing director of Bell Insurance, formed in 2019 after Bell acquired Warner and Company Insurance – complementing the other financial services we provide.

“Whether it’s a farm, home, car or business policy, I don’t think we’ve ever found a customer with a policy we couldn’t improve on,” Brian remarks. “We work to make sure our customers have optimal insurance for peace of mind.”

When reviewing an insurance policy, Brian says it can be shocking how many people could drastically increase their liability for as little as $10 a year more than what they’re currently paying.

Another thing people often don’t understand is an umbrella policy. It can be an affordable way to supplement your auto, home or renters policies with a million dollars’ worth of extra liability insurance, which can also help protect you from large claims and lawsuits.  

“If you’re sued or cause an accident, it could affect you for the rest of your life,” Brian warns. “Your wages could be garnished if you run out of money.”

There is also insurance to protect you if you’re in a car accident, and the person who hits you has low limits or no insurance.

“I know someone who was in a serious accident and was hit by a driver without insurance,” Brian comments. “All of his injuries would have been covered for $25 a year.”

Licensed in more than 40 states, Bell Insurance can handle any type of auto, homeowners and business insurance coverage of any size. Our specialty policies can cover any size farm. We also offer life insurance and estate-planning policies.

► To make sure you have optimal insurance for peace of mind, contact us today! Call toll-free 800-360-2501 for answers to your insurance questions or to connect with an agent.

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