Correspondent Banking Newsletters

Our quarterly Correspondent Banking newsletter brings you the latest news and updates from our correspondent banking team. View the latest newsletter now and check out past issues:

November 2021 - Community Banking a Major Part of Jack Alberg's Career

August 2021 - Bell Welcomes Correspondent Banker in Missouri 

May 2021 - Bucking Trends & Blazing Trails – the Founding of a Maverick Bank

February 2021 - People-First Culture Propels Bell Through Pandemic

November 2020 - 6 Reasons to Partner with Bell

August 2020 - In COVID-19 Aftermath, Uncertainty Gives Way to Cautious Optimism

May 2020 - A Message from Bell Bank President & CEO Michael Solberg

February 2020 - How Some Banks Are Easily Making Money and Helping Their Customers

November 2019 - One of the Biggest Risks in the Loan Market That Nobody’s Talking About’

August 2019 - Correspondent Banker Comes Out of Retirement to Join Bell

May 2019 - Gene Uher Retiring After 50-Plus Years in Banking

February 2019 - Tracy Peterson’s Banking Career Filled with Adventure

November 2018 - New Correspondent Banker Builds on Farm, U.S. Navy Experience

August 2018 - When Bank Stock Financing Is Your Answer

May 2018 - Bell Bank Branch President Joins Correspondent Team

February 2018 - Gary Keller Retiring After 42 Years in Banking

November 2017 - Not Your Average Correspondent Lender

August 2017 - No Deal is Too Small

May 2017 - Don’t Roll the Dice When It Comes to Succession Planning

February 2017 - Q&A: How Bell Can Help Your Community Bank ...

November 2016 - Q & A with Tyler Landen, Correspondent Credit Officer

August 2016 - Bank Stock Loans Make a Big Impact

May 2016 - 15 Minutes with Bell Chairman Richard Solberg

February 2016 - Bell Welcomes Leasing Division

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Our Services

Our correspondent bankers have established partnerships with over 200 banks in Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. We can assist banks with:

  • Participation loans (we do not reparticipate any loans) – purchasing and selling of commercial, real estate or agribusiness loans in¬≠volving credit transactions for the purpose of resolving issues with:
    • liquidity
    • legal lending limits
    • concentration risks
  • Bank stock, ownership and personal loans
  • Bank building loans  – for building or remodeling of corporate offices or branches
  • 401(k) plans* – 401(k) plans for banks and holding companies
  • Trust, retirement and asset management* – personal trust and retirement planning (including 401(k) and pension plans), financial planning, estate planning, income planning and investment management for banks and their customers, providing these advantages:
    • Deep product base provided by respected, experi¬≠enced money managers
    • No cross-selling of bank services will occur on our part
    • First-year fees accrued and paid to referring bank

*401k plans and trust, retirement and asset management products and services are not FDIC insured, have no bank guarantee, may lose value, are not a deposit and are not insured by any federal government agency

Tom Ishaug
Tom Ishaug, SVP/Correspondent Banking Manager

Jeff Restad
Jeff L. Restad, SVP/Correspondent Banking Business Development Manager

Callie Schlieman
Callie Schlieman, SVP/Correspondent Business Development Officer

Tracy Peterson
Tracy Peterson, SVP/Correspondent Business Development Officer

Mary Voss
Mary Voss, SVP/Correspondent Business Development Officer
Des Moines

Denise Bunbury
Denise Bunbury, SVP/Correspondent Business Development Officer

Bill Lloyd
Bill Lloyd, SVP/Correspondent Banking Business Development Officer

Lynn Paulson
Lynn Paulson, SVP/Director of Agribusiness Development

Craig McCandless, SVP/Correspondent Banking Business Development Officer

Mike Pate, SVP/Correspondent Banking Business Development Officer

Todd Holzwarth, SVP/Correspondent Banking Business Development Officer
Sioux Falls