Create a succession plan

Prepare to transition ownership and management to the next generation

Create a succession plan

If you have a family-owned business, it may be time to consider a succession plan to pass the business on to the next generation.
From the first day I opened an account, I had personal connections with several of the people. Every time I come into the bank they make eye contact with me and call me by name. That’s what makes me feel like a valued customer."

-Darin H.

Look to the Future

Often, the main concern of a family business is how to orchestrate the conveyance of your successful business, while maintaining peace within the family. We help you look at the "big three" issues:
  • Future management
  • Future ownership
  • Potential tax consequences

Working with your legal and tax advisors, we offer guidance to help smooth the transition.

Why Bell

You've worked hard to build a successful operation; we can help you with a smooth transition for continued success after you've stepped down.

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