Grow your savings the fast, easy way with ChangeSaver

Sign up for optional ChangeSaver™, and watch your savings grow.  

ChangeSaver automatically rounds up your purchases to the next dollar each time you use your debit card, then transfers the difference into your Bell savings account. Or, make your savings grow even faster by choosing to add either $1 or $2 to each purchase. Better yet, Bell matches 5% of your roundups – up to $250 per year!  

Don’t forget, you can save a trip to the ATM when you get cash back at the checkout for over the amount of purchase with your debit card. Just choose “debit” instead of “credit” and enter your PIN, and you can get cash back at thousands of participating merchants nationwide.

Call us or stop by and talk to a customer service expert or personal banker to sign up for ChangeSaver. View the terms and conditions.

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