6 Steps in Getting Your Deal Done

We provide a lot of flexibility in structure and terms, with tailored loans rather than one-size-fits-all. You know your customers better than we do, so we follow your lead regarding their long-term goals and objectives. Here’s the 6-step process for leveraging Bell’s lending capacity and helping get your deal done:


  1. Look for deals larger than your normal hold or legal lending limits. Use the loan participation process to attain new relationships and grow existing ones in your markets. We also want to help with your bank’s other unique needs including bank stock and ownership loans.

  2. Give us a call or email us. We’ll talk to you by phone if needed, and in person whenever possible, about your loan proposal including: 
    ○ Underwriting

    ○ Credit structure
    ○ Terms
    ○ Covenants

    We want to learn about your clients, your bank and even the history and background of your company. We also take the time to work with our community bank clients on how we could approve a loan instead of only discussing the reasons we would not be able to approve.

  3. Within 24 hours, at least 2 people look at every deal that comes in.

  4. For approvals, correspondent manager Tom Ishaug reads most credit presentations sent our way. Our goal is to try to find a way to approve it, if possible. If we can approve the deal, we assign the credit to 1 of our 5 credit officers to work with you on preparing our credit display for approval. Most deals are approved internally through an email signoff process. Very large deals are approved by our senior loan committee, which meets twice a week in our Fargo office. Bell has a very flat and quick approval process, with all the players involved in approvals located in our main office in Fargo.

  5. Once a loan is approved, you send the loan documents electronically, and we review them internally to make sure all the loan covenants and conditions are included. Our loan documentation expert shares our review with the lead bank.

  6. We’ll fund as quickly as the lead bank needs to be funded, even the next day. (We like to close in-person on bank stock loans.) 
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