Deals We Prefer to Consider (and a Few We Don’t)

When it comes to correspondent lending deals, we’re open to everything, from $5,000 up to $20 million. Size is typically not an issue for us, and we want to look at every opportunity a bank might have where we can help:

  • Loan participations
  • Ag participations
  • Bank stock loans
  • Bank investor loans
  • Bank building loans
  • Bank ownership loans

There are several types of loans we’re trying to manage down in order to limit our exposure, due to high concentrations in these loan types. That said, we’d still like to look at the deal with you. These loan types are:

  • Multi-family construction loans
  • Non-owner occupied commercial real estate loans

We are generally not interested in:

  • Land development deals
  • Speculative types of lending
  • Unsecured loans
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