Instead of Slowing Down, Banker Switches Gears

When he first considered joining Bell Bank, Bill Lloyd thought the company’s bottom line, “Happy employees! Happy customers!”® was likely too good to be true.

Working as president of a bank in Ashland, Mo., and after more than 40 years in banking, Bill was getting ready to reduce his workweek to 3 days, and he was thrilled with the prospect. Then someone told him about an opportunity to work for Bell Bank’s correspondent team, and Bill started to investigate.

The more Bell employees he spoke with, the more intrigued Bill was by a bank employees – and customers – actually seemed to love. Still, he wasn’t totally convinced, so he called Jeff Restad, Bell’s SVP/correspondent banking manager.

“I asked Jeff what the downside was to Bell, because all these people were saying such great things,” Bill comments. “Jeff paused for a moment and said, ‘It is still work.’ That was the worst thing he could think of.”

In May, 2021, Bill joined Bell as a senior vice president and correspondent banking business development officer, providing lending and other correspondent banking services to Missouri banks.

“Everything I’d heard was just reinforced by each person I met,” Bill notes. “I’m thrilled to be at Bell. After all these years, I feel like I’ve finally found the perfect bank for me.”


Finding His Calling ‘Almost by Accident’

Bill started in banking – almost by accident – in 1977. He was studying economics at the University of Missouri (and was the first one in his family to go to college), when he needed a job. A friend worked part-time at a bank, so Bill decided to give banking a try, and he never left.

“The thing that’s kept me in banking is getting up from the closing table after a meeting, shaking hands with customers, seeing their smiles and knowing I’ve helped them accomplish their goals,” Bill remarks. “There were times when I’ve questioned whether banking was the right career choice. I’ve always been driven to help others, so I wondered if I should have been a counselor or teacher, but when I reflect on what I do and why I like my job, it’s helping people reach their goals. Through banking, I’ve been able to help people, and I do feel this is where I was supposed to be.”

During his time in banking, which included work as a bank examiner, Bill has always been drawn to community banks.

“Community banks are more concerned with the communities where they’re located and the people who live and work in those communities,” Bill explains. “Community bankers rely on personal relationships to take care of their customers. That’s how I operate, too, which is why community banking fits me better than working for a big, national bank.”

Bill and his wife, Kathy, live in Columbia, Mo. Outside of work, Bill also serves as a Boone County planning and zoning commissioner, he chairs a committee working to bring a satellite office of St. Louis’s Ranken Technical College to the community, and he’s a member of the Optimist International service club.


To connect with Bill on how Bell might be able to help you and your bank, call him at 573-268-5172 or email


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