Many Community Banks Hitting Legal Lending and Concentration Limits

Sometimes when community banks need a banking partner on a participation, they turn to their peer groups to share loans. But we’ve found that many community banks are now hitting their legal lending limits and don’t know where to turn. That’s where Bell Bank comes in.

We understand you might have great working relationships with your peers. Because of our location and our diversified portfolios, we can add value to those relationships by serving as a third partner who can help you lighten your concentration load. We have the room to take on the types of credit you may be struggling to maintain.

We can also help if you want to simplify the process and save time by working with just one participant partner. You don’t have to worry about Bell competing for your customers. We try to stay out of the markets and not compete with the banks we do business with on a participation basis.

We also have clients based out of Fargo who work regionally, so they may have a loan or commercial real estate need in one of our correspondent areas. In these situations, we’ll keep a percentage of the loan relationship, and we’ll also look for some bank partners in that market to buy a participation in the loan. We try not to do business in our partners’ back yards. If we do, we want to work with you to make you part of the deal.

When you work with Bell, you can take advantage of our expertise. We may be able to help with underwriting or leveraging our knowledge and experience to help you land a deal you may have thought you couldn’t obtain.

Contact one of our correspondent bankers with any of your correspondent banking questions – or to run a possible deal by us.

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