Top 5 Features in Personal Online & Mobile Banking

Our personal online and mobile banking brings you some great features. Here are 5 of our favorites:

1. Full-Function Mobile Bill Pay

You can manage your bill pays, including adding new payees, scheduling, or editing payment amounts or information, on mobile as well as desktop.

2. Touch ID Access on Apple Devices

You have the option to set up Touch ID access on your Apple device for secure access to mobile banking.

3. Device Security

If you use “private” devices where you have exclusive access (such as your personal smartphone, tablet or laptop), you can register each device to save time for future logins. (You should not register public devices used by others, such as a library computer.)

4. Messages

The message center allows you to communicate securely with Bell Bank. Check here for your alerts, replies to your inquiries, and Bell Bank communications.

5. Security Alerts

You can enable specific alerts to keep you informed of changes to your account. Alerts can be delivered via secure message (within personal online banking), email, SMS text message, or phone call.

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