How to Get Started with Personal Online & Mobile Banking

Bell Bank online and mobile banking offers you:

  • A mobile experience that mirrors what you can do on a desktop computer
  • Enhanced security features, including Touch ID access on your Apple device
  • Mobile check deposit for personal and business customers (this feature will be available for business customers who don't use cash management services)

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If you're already a Bell Bank customer, here's how to set up mobile and online banking:

1. Update your app and/or web browser.

Here’s how to access the upgraded system on your devices:

Smartphones and tablets: Download or update your Bell Bank app as needed. If it doesn’t update automatically, visit your app store to get the new version.

App Store IconGoogle Play Icon

Web browsers: Bell’s online banking is supported in Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 (NOT in compatibility mode), Edge, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Make sure your browser is current, and update the version if needed. If you are using Internet Explorer 11, you will need to turn off compatibility mode.

2. Log in for the first time.

Use your current personal online banking username and password. (Select the "Treasury Online Banking" option for the following services: ACH, online wires and business bill pay.)

You’ll be sent a secure, 6-digit access code through phone, text or email, which you’ll then use for verification – just follow the user-friendly instructions.

3. Register your devices.

With your first-time login on each device (home PC, tablet, mobile phone), you will be asked to register the device, so that it won’t require a secure access code each time you log in.

Each time you use an unregistered computer, device or browser (such as a new, public or shared computer), you will again be sent an access code for verification. You should not register public devices used by others, such as a library computer.

You may also want to:
  • Enroll in "Alert Messages". Sign up for email and text banking messages so you can receive alerts about your account.
  • Review and make any changes to your preferences. You can do this on desktop or mobile!

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