Cindy Trane, Country Villa Insurance

Pelican Rapids, Minn.

As a local business owner, Cindy Trane likes how easy it is to bank with Bell – from taking out small business loans to the CardValet app that alerts her about purchases on her account.

“They make it so easy to do business with them. It’s not like dealing with a big banking institution where you don’t know who you’re talking to.”

How I chose Bell:

I wasn’t happy with a previous banking experience.

How long I’ve been a customer:

I’ve been a Bell Bank customer since the bank opened here in Pelican Rapids in 2004. I probably was one of the first 10 customers that went to the bank.

My favorite branch:

Pelican Rapids

My go-to bankers:

Branch manager Diane Hanson makes it extremely simple to do business. The tellers are great – the bankers make it really easy; they know who I am. They never make any mistakes, and if I do, they correct them.

My Bell products and services:

Checking account, savings account, business account, mortgage, business loans

My favorite features:

I like the online banking a lot. I like the CardValet, because it alerts me whenever I make a purchase. I really like the ready reserve – in the event that I happen to over-purchase something one time, I know they’re not going to bounce my check.

What it means to bank at a locally owned community bank:

They’re an integral part of the town, loyal supporters of the horse parade, and Diane is very involved in the community.

They all know me. Of course, I’m a local business person, and so I go in for free coffee every afternoon. And if I ever need a loan or anything, it’s pretty easy – I just go in and tell her what I want it for, and the next day, I have money in my account. Obviously, I have to qualify for the loan, but they make it so easy to do business.

When you build a rapport with a bank, and they get to know who you are, I have never had a worry if I overstep my checking account limit that they would return a check on me. They would probably call me and say, “What do you want to do?” I really like that.

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