Bud and Linda Mellon

Battle Lake, Minn.

When Bud and Linda Mellon were looking to remodel, they used a home equity line of credit to help turn their lake home into their dream home.

“It was so easily accomplished. We didn’t have to wait for a long application process or for decisions to come from other places. They just dealt with it at our own branch.”

How I chose Bell:

Our favorite banker started working for Bell, so that enticed us to switch. Now both of our daughters bank with Bell in the Fargo-Moorhead area because we switched.

How long we’ve been customers:

We’ve banked at Bell since they opened the Fergus Falls branch in 2007.

My favorite banker:

Linda Knutson (Fergus Falls branch manager) is always dependable. We can call and have something arranged, and it’s done when we get there.

Linda Knutson

Our favorite Bell Bank cookie:

Bud: Chocolate chip.

Linda: I don’t eat the cookies.

Bud: I eat hers!

Our Bell products and services:

Checking, business account, IRA, personal line of credit and Bell Investments account.

Linda: I do mobile banking. It’s so handy. I love that I can take a picture of a check and deposit it without having to run into town, because we live 25 minutes away, so it’s just so convenient for us.

Bud: I just like going into the bank. I’m an old-timer. It feels like I’m going somewhere very, very familiar.

What we tell others about Bell:

We love the free checking, and we like how friendly everyone is. We like that the tellers call us by name. Everybody likes to feel important.

If there’s ever a mistake made, and it doesn’t happen very often, they immediately take responsibility for it and make it right. That just doesn’t happen in every business anymore.

What Bell’s Pay It Forward program means to us:

That’s fantastic. We love when companies do that. It’s such a bonus to the employees who work there, and you can’t measure the benefits to the communities they work in. It’s so great.

What it means to bank at a locally owned, community bank:

That’s everything. A big corporation doesn’t care about the individual, but a locally owned bank cares, not only about the individual customers, but also about the communities that they serve – not that large corporations don’t contribute to the communities, but there’s a more vested interest when it’s a locally owned corporation.

Whatever business they back, they’re going to support that business, and a lot of the money that goes into the bank stays here through goodwill that the bank does in the community.

Are you ready for a bank you’ll love?

Switch to Bell. We want to build your trust and earn your business.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Committed to Giving Back

Bell’s Pay It Forward program has empowered more than $17 million in giving. Our employees choose how to help individuals, families and organizations in need.

Together, we can change the world one good deed at a time.


Award-Winning Service and Culture

Others have noticed and recognized Bell:

  • One of the country’s Best Banks to Work For (American Banker Magazine)
  • Community Impact Award (Minnesota Business magazine) 
  • Best bank, best service and best large workplace (Fargo Forum “Best of the Valley”)


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