What You Should Know About the Mortgage Servicing System Upgrade

We are upgrading our mortgage features within Bell online banking between June 28 and July 5 – and that means changes are coming soon to how you access your mortgage information, manage your mortgage account and make online mortgage payments through Bell.

Our new system will bring you enhanced features, all accessible by viewing your mortgage account through Bell’s personal online banking:
  • You will be able to set up, change or delete automatic payments from any account you choose.
  • Your mortgage and escrow statements, which you’ll be able to access online, will be easier to read and will contain more details and loan information.
  • Plus, you’ll be able to use a loan calculator tool, select alert notifications, request and print payoff statements, and more.

Here’s What You Need to Do Now

To ensure you’re ready for the upgrade:
  1. Make sure you’re enrolled in personal online banking with Bell Bank. If you’ve been using the SmartPay system to make mortgage payments from a non-Bell account, you need to know that SmartPay is going away for mortgage payments. After June 28, you can still pay from a non-Bell account using the new mortgage payment options. (Just make sure to set up your payments within Bell’s personal online banking once our new tools are implemented.)

    That’s also where you’ll access your mortgage and escrow statements, as well as other online mortgage tools.

  2. Check your web browser version, and update it if needed. Bell’s online banking is supported in Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 (NOT in compatibility mode), Edge, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Make sure your browser is current, and update the version if needed. IF you are using IE 11, you will need to turn off compatibility mode.

Here’s What’s Changing in Mortgage Payment Features & Tools

Depending on how you’re used to paying your mortgage, you may need to make a change, or complete a one-time action, when the upgrade is implemented.

  • If you’ve been using the SmartPay system to make mortgage payments from a non-Bell account – you will need to set up your payments through Bell’s personal online banking. You can set up, modify or delete individual payments through online banking after our new system is live.

    NOTE: For new one-time draft payments, draft dates up to 14 days after the payment due date will be available at no charge. There will be a $5 fee for one-time payments made after the 15th of the month, for the current month’s payment. There is no charge when paying future months’ payments.

  • If you have automatic mortgage payments set up through ACH – those payments will transfer over to the new system. Due to our system conversion, there may be a delay if your payment occurs between June 25 and July 3.
  • If you had recurring payments set up through Bell’s online banking – these will carry over, and you will not need to take any action. If your payment amount change,s your payment will be automatically adjusted to the new amount.
  • If you pre-pay your mortgage payments – you will be able to pay ahead a maximum of 3 payments.
  • If you pay your mortgage with a credit card – you need to know that we will no longer accept credit cards for mortgage payments.
  • If you make over-the-phone payments from non-Bell accounts – there will be a $5 transaction fee.
  • If your property taxes are paid through escrow We are changing the months we conduct escrow analysis and pay your taxes through escrow disbursement. We will send you a short-year escrow statement to cover any gaps this causes.

Check Out the New Capabilities of Our Mortgage Features and Tools

The new mortgage features give you additional online payment options on your mortgage, plus more robust tools and documentation. You’ll be able to:

  • Access your current amortization schedule
  • Use our loan calculator to see the impact of extra mortgage payments
  • Get answers to mortgage FAQs
  • See more detailed mortgage loan information
  • Receive easier-to-read escrow analysis statements
  • Choose notification options for mortgage statements
  • View additional loan correspondence online
  • Update your email, phone, permanent address and seasonal address on your own
  • Request, display and print payoff statements
  • Order copies of documents
  • Optionally “turn off the paper” by choosing electronic statements

Need Help?

Our customer service team is ready to help you! Call 800-450-8949 or mortgage servicing at 866-387-0980.

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