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Pay It Forward

Hero Hunt

JaNell said, "Stacy and Charlie's Hero Hunt is an event for Minnesota veterans that gives them a day, free of charge, to reacquaint themselves with their passion for hunting, traditions, and fellow comrades. I have the privilege of knowing a veteran who was able to participate in this event. I know that Stacy, who was in charge of this event, made a huge impact on him and his family. Stacy passed away this past year and a group of individuals, including my veteran friend and his wife, are trying to keep this event going in order to honor returning troops and also her memory. I have a great respect for all who have served, and I would like to help do my part to keep this event going.

I had the privilege of also volunteering for the event on March 26, 2016. Seeing all the veterans that were able to participate and getting to know some of them made me even more grateful for those that have served, continue to serve, and will serve our country. To be able to help give something back to them was a blessing. Thank you for letting me support this event with Pay It Forward funds!"