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Pay It Forward

Donated Car Will Help Man Visit His Wife in Nursing Home

Some Bell Bank employees teamed up give a Fargo man a more energy efficient car to make visiting his wife in a Wahpeton nursing home cheaper and safer.

“I am very grateful. Words just can't express how much this really means to me. Not only will I be able to see my wife a lot more often now, but I will also be able to do more things that I was unable to, like travel to artist workshops and motivational lectures in the tristate area to improve my skills and earn a bigger income.” – Steve Maharry, Pay It Forward recipient


Steve Maharry

The Need

Due to serious health issues, Steve Maharry’s wife, Rose, has been living in a nursing home for the past 3 years. She was recently transferred from Fargo to a group home in Wahpeton. Steve, who lives in Fargo, drove an old pickup that was not fuel efficient, making trips to see his wife fairly costly. The pickup was also too high for Rose to easily climb into.

The Impact

Tony Lee, a mail operations specialist at Bell, is friends with Steve, and he shared his story with some co-workers, who decided to band together to buy Steve a car. They pooled their Pay It Forward funds and were able to buy a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, fix it up and cover the tax, license and car insurance for 1 year. They also had enough to give Steve $500 in gas cards. Dave’s West Fargo Tire & Service chipped in with a discount for fixing up the car.

“I knew the money we raised to help them would impact them greatly,” Tony remarks. “Now Steve can afford to drive to see Rosie more often and take her for rides in the new car.”

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