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Pay It Forward

Donation to Help Family of Officer Killed in Line of Duty

After Wayzata police officer Bill Mathews was killed in the line of duty, the community rallied around him, donating funds to help his family. A Pay It Forward donation will be used to set up a college savings program for his son.

“Wyatt and I are so grateful for people like Bob Strandell and Bell Bank Mortgage. It has shown us that there are so many good people in our world, and we will forever be changed. The kindness of Bob’s actions has touched us, and we will also pay it forward.” – Shawn Mathews, Bill Mathews’ widow

Bell Employees

Bob Strandell, loan officer



Officer Bill Mathews Memorial Fund

The Need

On September 8, Officer Bill Mathews left his squad car to clear debris from a highway. He was struck by a car and killed, leaving behind his wife, Shawn, and their 7-year-old son, Wyatt.

Bill had served on the Wayzata police force for 9 years, working as a firearms instructor, a field training officer, and a reserve coordinator.

Those who knew him describe Bill as someone who lived his life serving others – even showing up to help without ever being asked.

The Impact

Members of the community have been donating money to the Officer Bill Mathews Memorial Fund to help Shawn and Wyatt.

Loan officer Bob Strandell worked with Shawn and Bill when they bought their home. As soon as he learned what happened, he knew he wanted to help. He coordinated a group Pay It Forward donation to give to the memorial fund.

“When I heard the tragic news about Bill, I immediately thought of our Pay It Forward initiative and that Shawn would be a very worthy recipient,” Bob remarks.

Shawn plans to use the money to start a college savings plan for Wyatt.

“This donation will have a long-term impact on Wyatt,” she notes.

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