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Pay It Forward

Food Truck Picnic Benefits Charities, Families in Need

A food truck picnic started by two employees with Bell Mortgage in Phoenix, Ariz., is making a big difference for local organizations and people in need.

“When we decided to do this, we wanted to make a difference. The way we stand out is by paying it forward across the whole event.” – Falon Kerby, Bell Bank Mortgage loan officer

Bell Employees

Danielle Martinez, mortgage marketing account manager

Falon Kerby, loan officer

Phoenix, Ariz.


Various nonprofit organizations and people in need

The Need

What started as an employee appreciation day event that featured 4 food trucks in the Bell Bank Mortgage parking lot and drew more than 200 people has grown into a regular food truck picnic sponsored by Bell Mortgage called Ahwatukee Eats that draws 13 food trucks, 5 to 6 vendors and more than 1,000 customers. It also features outdoor movies.

The Impact

For each Ahwatukee Eats picnic, Danielle and Falon chose a charity or family in need to benefit from the event. Past recipients have included the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, a young father diagnosed with stage-4 cancer, and Abigail’s Lunch Box, a nonprofit that gives food to people in need.

“It gives us such a good feeling,” Danielle remarks. “Ahwatukee has a huge heart.”

Food truck owners, vendors and community members who attend the event give donations to whatever cause that month’s food truck picnic is supporting. And the fee Danielle and Falon pay to use the space helps support the Horizon Community Learning Center, where the event is now held.

“It’s meaningful for us to show our kids that you don’t have to make hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Falon comments. “Doing something for the community and giving back is better than monetary gain.”

For a schedule and other information, visit their Facebook page or website.

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