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Helping Wounded Veterans on Road to Recovery

For military service members returning home wounded from combat, recovery and learning to adjust to their injuries can be hard enough without the added frustration of tracking down their benefits. That’s why Wings for Warriors has made it their mission to help.

“Wounded veterans sacrificed so much of themselves through their injuries and recoveries – not just physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well. Wings for Warriors provides them and their families with customized strategies to help them in their recovery.” – Anthony “Doc” Ameen, Wings for Warriors founder

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Wings for Warriors

The Need

U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Anthony “Doc” Ameen was severely wounded in combat. He went through 34 surgeries that included amputation of the lower half of his left leg, reconstructive surgery on his left hand and numerous operations to save his right leg.

After returning home, Doc says it was a struggle to get the benefits he was entitled to receive.

“It is extremely stressful and draining for wounded warriors to make a dozen phone calls and/or emails a day to track down their benefits,” he notes.

That’s why he started Wings for Warriors – a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that supports combat-wounded military service members returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. The organization helps wounded veterans with services like counseling, travel assistance and making sure they get the health care and financial benefits they deserve.

The Impact

When Mike Kelso met Doc and learned about Wings for Warriors, he knew he wanted to help, so he donated his Pay It Forward funds to the organization.

“I love the cause and have family members who served in the armed forces, so I try to give back to that community as much as I can,” Mike remarks.

In addition to helping wounded veterans, donations like Mike’s Pay It Forward gift, let the organization know the community supports what they’re doing, Doc says.

“That was very thoughtful and generous of Mike Kelso and Bell Mortgage to support us like they did,” he comments. “When we receive a random act of kindness from an individual or a business, it shows that there is a clear need for the services we are providing.”

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