Carefully considering the needs in our world

Employee-driven Giving

Spreading kindness. Responding to national and international disasters. Supporting military families. Building stronger communities. Caring for individuals and families in need. Selecting community members to pay it forward.

All year long, our employees continually find inspirational ways to share our blessings through three primary programs:

  • Pay It Forward
  • Community Connect
  • Friends and Family

Pay It Forward

A decade ago, Pay It Forward was launched at the company’s Christmas party. The program’s momentum and impact continue to grow.

Through this program, every full time employee receives $1,000 and every part-time employee $500 each year to pay it forward to those in need. In 2019, in celebration of our company's growth and success:
  • Every full-time employee receives $2,500
  • Every part-time employee receives $1,000

Each Bell employee decides how to Pay It Forward. Many choose individual gifts, while others pool their funds through formal and informal efforts with their colleagues. Some employees even partner with outside donors, businesses and foundations to further extend the program’s impact.

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Community Connect

The Community Connect program gets our customers, vendors and neighbors involved.

This addition to Pay It Forward began in 2013. As part of Community Connect:

  • Each Bell employee may share a portion of their Pay It Forward funds with a customer, vendor or community member.
  • Those individuals determine how to pay it forward by selecting a project, individual, family or organization in need.

Community Connect doubles the program’s impact on the community and expands the impact of Paying It Forward. To see this program in action, check out our Community Connect giving stories.

Friends and Family

With the Pay It Forward Friends and Family program, employees are given additional time off along with a gift card.

The time and money must be spent on friends or family, and the experience must be documented in writing or video. The program has led to memorable and meaningful trips, outings and moments for employees across the company.

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