Business Banking Technology Upgrades

Faster and Easier Ways to Move and Manage Money

Whatever you need to do – whether you’re a small business, nonprofit organization or large company – Bell’s business banking technology upgrades (targeted to start in September 2021) will allow you and your organization to bank online more efficiently, and more often on mobile if you choose.

Along with our platform upgrades, we’ll be changing from a physical token to a digital token for transaction authentication, adding convenience while maintaining best-in-class security. All you’ll need to do as a designated user is download the digital token app on your mobile device. Watch for more information coming soon with details on when and how to download!

Over the next few months, we’ll introduce our upcoming business banking technology changes.

Banking’s a part of your life. We want to make it the easy part.


  • Online Banking
  • Bill Pay
  • Account Analysis
  • Loan Payments
Will my username and password change?
Your username and password may change. Instructions will be available prior to launch.
Where do I go to log in?

You will log in on the Bell Bank home page by choosing “Business” in the “Access online accounts” area.

How do I use my token?
Your token will serve as a dual factor authentication at login (when you log in from an unfamiliar device or browser). It will also be required for authorizing online payments. After downloading the token app, you will be asked to provide Bell Bank the token serial number so we can assign it to your profile.
When will I convert? What will this look like?
We will send more specific communications via email and continue to add details to this page.
Will I need to download a new mobile app?
If you are currently using the Bell Bank Treasury app, you will want to delete that app and download the Bell Bank Mobile app once you are upgraded to the new system. If you are currently using the Bell Bank Mobile app, you are good to go, although you may need to update the app.
Can I initiate an ACH or wire from Bell's mobile app?
Yes. You will be able to initiate and approve wire transfers conveniently via the mobile app or desktop.
Will my ACH and wire templates convert over?
Yes. You will have access to the same templates you were previously using at the time of the upgrade.
Will I have access to the same services as before?
Yes. You will have access to all the same services as before – but those services will be new and improved.
Can I still do stop payments on checks online?
Yes. You will be able to place stop payments, view previously placed stop payments and cancel any stop payments.
Will I be provided training on the new system?
Yes. Our training team will be providing training. As the upgrade date approaches, you will receive communications via email about how to sign up for one of our many interactive training sessions.
How long will both systems be available?
Both systems will be operational through the first quarter of 2022. Please note, while you could access your profile on the “old” system once you upgrade, you will not have access to any services – and that access will go away early in 2022.
Can I approve positive pay from the Bell mobile app?
Yes, you will have full positive pay functionality in the mobile app.
Will my daily limits on ACH/remote deposit/wires stay the same?
Yes. All of the limits will stay the same.
Who do I reach out if I have further questions?
Contact our digital services team at 866-221-1136 and choose option 2 to learn more.

Business Bill Pay

As a business, you want true control of your finances, total convenience on your schedule, and customization to do things your way. Our upgraded business bill pay platform gives you all of this – and that’s just the start! You’ll be able to:

  • More quickly and easily control which bills and invoices are paid, how much is paid and when they are paid.
  • Easily set up one-time or recurring payments, and pay multiple invoices at once.
  • Customize activity tracking, reports and history with just a few clicks.
  • Customize remitter name by company or account, whichever you prefer.
  • Enjoy enhanced user entitlements managed by you, not the bank.
  • Easily originate bill payments from a mobile device.
  • Upload a file with payee names and bills you would like paid.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will all of my scheduled payments and payees transfer to the new system?

Yes, all of the scheduled payments and payees will be available on the new system.

Will I be able to have multiple remitter names?
Yes, you will have a self-service option to control remitter names.

Will I be able to enroll in eBills?

You will have opportunity to enroll in eBills on the new system. eBills is a feature that allows you to receive and pay electronic summary versions of paper bills directly from your Online Bill Pay accounts. eBills, as it is currently set up, will not transfer to the new system. 

Why should a small business use the new Online Bill Pay rather than personal bill pay?
Bell’s upgraded Online Bill Pay (coming soon!) was designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s small businesses. In addition to making payments, you can run customized reports, delegate tasks and set permission controls. It all adds up to giving you more resources you need and more time to focus on your business.
How are online payments delivered?
Most payments are delivered electronically. Your payment information, such as your account number, is sent via secure transmission. All other payments are made by paper checks mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.
How long does it take before a payment is received?
Generally, your payment is received within 2 to 7 days, depending on whether it is sent electronically or via paper check.
What are the primary benefits of Online Bill Pay?
The major benefits are true control and total convenience for you. This means you’ll be able to:
  • Pay your business’s bills and view payment activity anytime, anywhere.
  • Delegate the payment responsibilities you want to.
  • Set permission controls so you maintain the final say.
  • Quickly run customized reports with the information your business needs.
  • Reduce your paperwork and bookkeeping.
  • Maintain more control over cash flow.
  • Increase your security over mailing checks.
Does Online Bill Pay have Quicken/QuickBooks integration?
Yes. You can import payees from Quicken or QuickBooks directly into your Online Bill Pay account.
Will I be able to set up payment reminders?
Yes, you will be able to set up your own customizable payment reminders. To account for differences in payment methods between the current and the new system, payment reminders will not transfer over and will need to be set up again.
Will my bill pay history transfer over?
Yes, you will have access to the last 6 months of your bill pay history.
Will there be a period of time where I will not be able to access bill pay?
Yes, there will be a period of approximately 5 business days where access to bill pay will not be available. Any payments scheduled for this period of time will still process without interruption. We will work with you during this time if you need to schedule additional payments or make changes to any existing payments/payees.
Will I be able to choose my own check numbers?
Yes, you will be able to choose your own check numbers.

Need Help?

Contact our digital services team at 866-221-1136 and choose option 2.

Account Analysis

Commercial account analysis saves your company money by offsetting fees and service charges by maintaining compensating balances. With our upgrade:

  • Analysis charges will be billed and debited to your account on the 8th business day of the following month, rather than the last day of the month.
  • Your account analysis statements will have an easy-to-read new look and feel and easily accessible from online banking.
  • Service descriptions have been standardized and grouped by products to make it easier to understand the activity associated with your accounts. We will now be able to support consolidating all of your accounts into a single statement to reduce documents and show all volumes across your relationships with Bell Bank.
  • We have included monthly trending at the end of your statement so you can compare activity over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing the date my account is debited to the eighth business day of each month?
To make it easier for you to manage your account, and preclude balance changes as a result of a debit to your account on the last business day of each month.
Can I still access my account analysis statements online?

Yes, you will still be able to access your account analysis statements online. They will be available for viewing as of the eighth business day of each month.

Is my pricing changing?

No, we are taking steps to ensure all your current pricing remains in place.

Will my account analysis statement still show all the volumes and per-item pricing?

Yes, we will continue to provide the service description, volumes, unit pricing and overall changes in a statement that is much easier to read.

Is there a reference guide for me to understand the changes to the account analysis statement?
Yes, we have developed an account analysis statement reference guide to describe each section of the new statement format.

Need Help?

Contact your treasury management officer or call our digital services team at 866-221-1136 and choose option 2.

Business Loan Payments

Manage your commercial (non-mortgage) loan payments, all in one place. (If you have a mortgage serviced at Bell, we’re upgrading our mortgage payment platform, too.) With the upgrade, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your commercial loans from the “Loan Payments” screen.
  • Navigate easily on desktop or mobile.
  • Easily create and change one-time and recurring payments.

Need Help?

Contact your commercial banking officer or call our digital services team at 866-221-1136 and choose option 2.