Finance your business

When you are ready for growth with your business, we are here to help

Finance your business

Today's business owners, CFOs and managers don't have time to wait for decisions on loans that can help your business succeed. Our experienced lenders think outside the box to come up with loans tailored specifically to your business goals.

Take the first step. Give one of our lenders a call. We'll get the information we need from you and quickly assess if we can give you a proposal, so you're not left waiting and wondering.
I absolutely love the professional, friendly, and courteous service we receive from all the tellers in our local branch. We own a trucking business and are on the road when we need to conduct bank business. Every time we call they are extremely helpful and take care of our banking needs. Thank you to each of you at the teller window, we appreciate you!"

-Val R.

The Bell Advantage Is Yours

When you work with Bell, you'll find accessible commercial banking experts who get to know your business, and an independently owned bank with a different approach. Whether you are starting a small business, expanding your company or simply financing your working capital, we're ready to discuss the loans you need.  

Because Bell's business loan policies and decisions are made locally, you know you'll have financing to suit the unique needs of your business. We want to work with you to create a customized solution, not a "one size fits all" loan.

Want to hear more? Bell's independent ownership works to your advantage. It translates into a reliable team of commercial lenders with a consistent credit appetite throughout the ups and downs of the business cycle. You're focused on the long term, and so are we.
Bell can offer you a wide range of business loan options, tailored to suit what you're looking for – including:
  • Lines of credit for working capital
  • Term loans to purchase equipment and expand facilities
  • Real estate mortgages for commercial properties
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) loans that offer lower down payments and longer terms
  • Letters of credit to guarantee payment to vendors
Contact a commercial lender in your area to talk about your current and future plans.  


You may also find leasing options offer you greater flexibility. If you need it, we can lease it! Talk to our leasing experts about flexible leasing advantages for your business.


Why Bell

When you choose Bell as your business lender, you’ll quickly appreciate our local decision-making, expert staff and unwavering service. It’s a refreshing change from other banks.


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Worth the Risk

Because farming can be risky, Rebecca and Taylor Tesch had trouble finding a bank willing to loan them money to get started – until someone suggested Bell.


Gifts That Change Lives

Bell’s unique Pay It Forward initiative has empowered more than $17 million in giving and changed thousands of lives. Check out how Bell took an extra step to support Farm Rescue.