6 Reasons to Partner with Bell

5/10/2023 8:00:00 AM

Correspondent Banking
With a seasoned team dedicated solely to correspondent banking, Bell Bank works as your partner – not your competitor.

Bell started our correspondent division more than 20 years ago, and we are committed to correspondent banking for the long run. Here are just 6 ways you could benefit from a correspondent partnership with Bell.

As a highly skilled, dedicated correspondent banking team, we can:
  1. Help you compete against the "big guys" Partnering with Bell can help you enhance your bank’s competitiveness, profitability and ability to serve your commercial and agricultural customers.
  2. Help you target customers otherwise too large to handle on your own More people are investing their money in the stock market than they are into CDs. That makes liquidity even more difficult for community banks. Selling loan participations to Bell can help you expand your customer prospect list and pursue larger relationships in your markets.
  3. Help you manage your liquidity Selling loan participations to Bell can help you manage your liquidity.
  4. Provide bank stock loan funding This funding can be used for many reasons, including for the purchase of acquisitions, refinancing, capital requirements, or bank officers and directors
  5. Serve as a “one-stop shop” Bell does not re-participate any loans and will participate up to $20 million to one borrower.
  6. Offer flexible terms and options Bell provides a wide range of fixed and variable rate products, including longer-term fixed rates.
Learn more about Bell's correspondent banking services.