In Business Together: Bell Bank + Mead Metals

4/3/2023 4:36:00 PM

Commercial Client Case Studies Mead

Sandy Crawford doesn’t usually take cold calls. But the president of Mead Metals, which sells flat roll metal in coil and sheet form, had lost trust with her lender when she received a call from Bell Bank.

With her banking background, she knew which questions to ask, and Bell answered honestly – without making a big sales pitch.

“They seriously just wanted to be able to meet our needs, and it ended up being a very good match,” Sandy explains.

In fact, financing from Bell helped the high-quality alloy supplier double the size of their warehouse.

Sandy counts on her banker to always tell her the truth and listen to her concerns with an open mind. Watch Mead Metals’ story to find out how they found that – and so much more – at Bell.

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