Streamline Business Payments with Integrated Payables

10/13/2023 8:00:00 AM


Ready to simplify and streamline your accounting and payment processes? With Bell Bank Integrated Payables, your business can consolidate multiple payments and payment types into a single payment file.

Integrated Payables offers your business so many advantages in payments to vendors:

  • Facilitate virtual card payments, send ACH transfers and print and mail your checks with one easy file exported directly from your system
  • Automatically produce and upload Positive Pay files
  • Optimize payments by selecting the most efficient payment method preferred by your vendor
  • Leverage Bell’s enrollment program and support team to educate vendors, convert them to electronic payments and access ongoing vendor management support

How does it work?

Integrated Payables is designed to simplify and enhance your payments process. We take a single payment file from your ERP or accounting system, then convert vendor payments to ACH, virtual card or check (print, delivery and Positive Pay with payee match) through a consolidated file to support your vendor payments.

Integrated Payables TM Campaign

Optimize with Business Banking Tools

Stay ahead of the curve on payment processes by choosing Integrated Payables and other treasury management tools. You’ll mitigate risk, improve working capital and increase your business’s efficiency through automation, simplification and digitization – all with the guidance and support you expect and trust from Bell.

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