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Receivables, Payables, Liquidity Management & Fraud Prevention

Whether you’re looking for basic cash management support or help with more complex business challenges, Bell Bank’s treasury management team is here to listen and present solutions tailored to your unique business.

Why Bell Bank?

As one of the country’s largest privately held banks, Bell takes relationship-driven banking to the next level. Our customized approach addresses the unique requirements of your business, including today’s strategic and operational challenges. Bell Bank is large enough to provide the depth of resources and technology you expect from a large, national bank – yet small enough that you can rely on Bell’s local bankers who get to know you and your company.

For our bankers, it’s all about their relationship with you – not just the service they provide. Our treasury management team is driven to act as an extension of your leadership team, helping to position your business for long-term growth and success.

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Optimize your payment strategy with the help of Bell Bank’s payables solutions. Our team of treasury management bankers are driven to help position your business for success.

Bell offers the following payables solutions:

ACH Credit Origination

Optimize your payment strategy by making payments with a cost-effective solution. Bell Bank offers same-day and next-day ACH origination. International ACH payments to Canada are available as well.

Business Credit Cards

Bell Bank offers a variety of card types including purchasing, corporate and business credit cards. Corporate and personal liability are also available.

Outgoing Wire Origination

Originate online domestic or foreign wires in USD or FX (converting to the recipient’s local currency) with real-time FX rates available.

Integrated Payables

Leveraging existing and proprietary payment solutions on a single platform, Integrated Payables gives you one payment solution for all payment types: Check, ACH and Virtual Card.

Business Bill Pay

Eliminate the need to print and mail your checks with Bell Bank’s business bill pay solution.


Accelerate cash collection and improve operational efficiencies with Bell Bank’s receivables solutions. Our team of treasury management bankers will help you find the receivables resources you need, including:

ACH Debit Origination

Expedite funds availability and collect receivables efficiently and cost-effectively.

Incoming Wire Transfers

Bell Bank’s wire transfers will give you immediate access to your funds. Receive real-time email notifications to confirm receipt of funds.

Lockbox Services

Outsource your collection of payments to Bell Bank’s lockbox. We will ensure your payments are processed in a timely manner, while giving your accounting team time back in their day. We also have healthcare-specific lockbox solutions (more information available upon request).

Cash Vault Services

Process your cash securely and efficiently with Bell Bank’s cash vault service.

Merchant Services

Next-day settlement available, a 3-year contract (to ensure you are locked in to competitive pricing) and no early-termination fees are just some of the reasons our customers choose to process their credit cards with us.

Remote Deposit

Eliminate trips to the bank and deposit your checks from the comfort of your office with Bell Bank’s remote deposit solution.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit a check from anywhere you have your phone handy. Customizable limits available.

Information Reporting

Mitigate internal risk and keep financial information secure with our information reporting software. Your treasury management banker will work with you to determine which type of access makes sense for each of your team members.
Information reporting and reconciliation services include:

Commercial Online Banking

Access accounts via a secure online connection to review real-time account activity, export transaction detail and access statement information.

Mobile Banking

Use mobile banking to view account information, make transfers, deposit checks, and approve ACH and wire transfers from your phone.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange allows you to receive ACH payment-related information so you can post and tie out your accounts receivable.

Automated File Movements

Securely move your files to and from the bank. Our team will work with you to establish a SFTP connection if needed, or you can import/export transactions to and from the bank to your accounting software. We export into .CSV, Quicken, QuickBooks, and BAI2 to name a few.

Liquidity Management

Bell’s liquidity management tools eliminate the need to make manual transfers – saving you both time and money – and include:

Commercial Loan Sweeps

Optimize the way cash flows through your business, and automate transfers to and from your revolving line of credit with Bell Bank’s commercial loan sweep.

Money Market Sweeps

Use Bell’s money market sweep to create efficiencies and automate transfers to and from your savings account(s).

Insured Cash Sweeps

Ensure excess cash is fully FDIC-insured with Bell’s insured cash sweep through IntraFi Network.

Zero-Balance Account Sweeps

Eliminate the need to track and fund individual disbursement accounts by consolidating your cash to maximize your return on the dollar.

Fraud Protection

According to the Association for Financial Professionals’ (AFP) “Payments Fraud and Control Survey,” 60% to 82% of companies have experienced attempted and/or actual payment fraud over the last decade.

Check and ACH fraud is not just a problem for large corporations. Fraud affects businesses of all sizes. Not only does Bell’s technology help your business identify potentially fraudulent items, it also allows you to promptly instruct Bell to return any items.

With Bell’s positive pay service, you can hedge your risk against unauthorized transactions and concentrate on what’s most important – your business.

Bell offers the following positive pay options for your protection:

Check Positive Pay

Establish control by matching checks you’ve issued and authorized against checks that are presented for payment against your account. If there are discrepancies, you’re alerted and have the opportunity to make a payment decision.

Payee Positive Pay

An enhanced form of positive pay to ensure the payee name matches what you issued.

ACH Positive Pay

Prevent unauthorized transactions by restricting access to only those you trust to make electronic debits to your account.

Online Support

Already have treasury management services and need technical support? View our guides and tutorials in our resource center, or give us a call to speak to someone about any questions you may have.

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