Autobooks is a complete set of financial tools for business customers that allows you to send electronic invoices, accept payments, and keep track of customer transactions, all from one place within Bell’s online banking. Your customers decide how they would like to pay you, and the funds are deposited directly into your account.

Autobooks Payment Options

Self-Enrollment Instructions

Autobooks offers simple, self-service enrollment online. Start enrolling at your convenience and download our instructions below.

Send a professional invoice and get paid - all in the same place.

Customized invoice includes branding

Create a professional‑looking invoice with your business logo and colors in just a few minutes. Your financial institution’s logo is included at the bottom for added credibility.

Wide range of digital payment options

Let customers easily pay you online with any major credit card (including American Express®), debit card, or via ACH electronic bank transfer.

All payments deposited into checking

Get paid directly into your checking account within two business days — no need to transfer your money from external payment acceptance apps.

Easy invoice automation and tracking

Always know exactly who’s paid and who’s due. Set up recurring invoices so you can automate your process and automatically add late fees for past due invoices.


Share a secure payment link by text, or place it on a web page.

Secure payment form accessed via a unique URL

When you enroll, you’re assigned your own unique URL to a secure payment form. This link can be shared by text (SMS) and email, or added to any web page or social media profile.

Detailed payment/donation history readily available

Payments are listed chronologically, with the most recent at the top. Filter the list to find specific payments. Generate a spreadsheet if you need it, and export with one click.

Pay now language can be adjusted for nonprofits

If you run a church or nonprofit, there’s no need to alienate members — quickly update verbiage to take donations or contributions instead.

All payments deposited into checking

Get paid directly into your checking account within two business days — no need to transfer your money from external payment acceptance apps.


Take customer payments on the spot or over the phone.

Payment form doubles as an in‑app terminal When you’re ready to take a digital payment, just access your payment form inside online or mobile banking, and enter the payment details yourself.

Natively integrated into the Bell Bank app.

Autobooks is integrated right into your mobile banking app, so no additional app is necessary. You can access your unique payment form anytime you need to collect a payment.

Transparent processing fees in comparison to non‑bank apps

When you're a small business, you need to know exactly what you're paying. Our rates are comparable to popular payment apps, but there are never any hidden fees.

All payments deposited into checking

Get paid directly into your checking account within two business days — no need to transfer your money from external payment acceptance apps.

95% of Autobooks users are paid within five business days after sending an invoice.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Use Your iPhone to accept contactless payments

Accepting payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone is easy

You can accept all types of in-person, contactless payments — from physical debit and credit cards, to Apple Pay and other digital wallets.

No payment terminals needed

Present your iPhone to the customer to take payments on the spot.

Transactions are contactless.

Customers simply hold their card or device at the top of your iPhone to pay.

Privacy and security built-in.

Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the built-in features of iPhone to keep your business and your customer data private and secure.

After you’re enrolled, it’s easy to get started with these simple steps:

  1. Open your mobile banking app on your iPhone and enable Autobooks Tap to Pay on iPhone.
  2. Enter the amount to be paid, then present your iPhone to the customer.
  3. Your customer can then hold their card or device at the top of your iPhone over the contactless symbol.
  4. When you see the “done” checkmark, the transaction is complete.
Tap to Pay on iPhone requires a supported payment app and the latest version of iOS. Update to the latest version by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and Install. Some contactless cards may not be accepted by your payment app. The Contactless Symbol is a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC. Tap to Pay on iPhone is not available in all markets. View Tap to Pay on iPhone countries and regions     

Display your unique QR code to make it easier for customers to pay.

Reusable QR code is ready to download

Access a reusable QR code inside online or mobile banking. Download and store in your device for easy retrieval, or just print it and display in a prominent location.

Ideal for busy events

QR codes are ideal for in-person events where you plan to meet with multiple customers or donors — farmers’ markets, fundraisers, you name it.

For paper and static invoices

If you send PDF invoices and other billing communications to customers, don’t forget your Autobooks QR code. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a paper or email invoice.


Add on full financial management functionality when you're ready.

Real‑world accounting tools prioritize simplicity

Keep track of your business directly inside online banking and mobile banking. Stop having to rely on pen and paper, spreadsheets, or overly complex accounting software.

Automated reporting to keep everything up to date

When you get paid or pay a bill, let Autobooks update your business reports automatically. Also get profit and loss reporting that tracks your income and expenses, balance sheet, and more.

Cash flow management to track incoming and outgoing

Track your account balance right alongside your incoming and outgoing payment information. Includes scheduled payments, coming due, and past due payments.

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