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Meet Haiying

Haiying is a dedicated loan officer with a passion for helping clients achieve their homeownership dreams and investment goals. She joined the lending industry in 2013 and has since become an expert in her field, with a deep understanding of guidelines and programs available to borrowers. Haiying takes pride in her ability to help clients find the right loan product and the best rates in the market. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and she is committed to ensuring that her clients have a smooth and stress-free borrowing experience.

Communication is key to Haiying's success, and she excels in both written and verbal communication. As a bilingual loan officer, she is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, which allows her to serve a diverse client base. Additionally, Haiying is an expert in non-US citizen loans and is committed to helping international clients achieve their homeownership goals in the United States. When she's not helping clients, Haiying loves to stay active by going to the gym and volunteering in her community. She is also a proud mother of two and enjoys spending quality time with her family.

Expertise and Specialties

  1. First-time Homebuyer Programs
  2. Conventional Loans
  3. Government Loans
  4. Vacation Home Loans
  5. Investment Properties
  6. New Construction Loans
  7. Non-Citizen Loans
  8. Down-payment Assistance Programs

Tools and Resources


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