Making Happy Homeowners

Meet Sam

Unrivaled dedication to you and your needs.

In a process that can be easily overcomplicated, you can trust that I will always be there to help 24/7 366 (Leap Day Included!).When buying or refinancing you deserve to have confidence that your mortgage will be handled efficiently and with you at the forefront and I firmly stand behind the products and service I represent. 

My goal is, and always will be, Making Happy Homeowners. After buying our first home, my wife Bella and I recognized that the mortgage industry left plenty to be desired. My wife Bella and I have always had a passion for people and a heart for service and that is what led me to Bell Bank. 

The best ability is availability so feel free to call or text anytime!

Expertise & Specialties

  1. First-time Homebuyers
  2. Government Loans: FHA, VA and USDA
  3. Construction and Renovation Loans