Home Buying Process, Made Simple

At Bell Bank Mortgage, we don’t want to simply meet your mortgage expectations. We want to amaze you. Whether you’re on the way to your first home, your next home, or a better rate on your existing mortgage, Bell Bank Mortgage is here at every step.
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Our Process

At Bell, you'll experience a simplified approach to the home buying process that educates and updates you every step of the way. Here's what to expect for next steps:
  1. Chat with a Bell loan officer:
    We’ll discuss your goals such as:
    • Your comfortable payment range
    • Assets you have set aside for the purchase/refinance
    • The type of home you’re looking for (i.e. townhouse, condo, single-family home) 
  2. Get pre-approved.
    The easiest way to begin our no-cost pre-approval process is to apply on my website. We will gather your credit information and relevant financial documents to determine the best loan program options. A pre-approval from Bell is highly trusted by area builders and realtors, and the key to getting into a home faster. Realtors, builders and sellers will see you as a serious buyer with sound financing. It may even provide an edge if you are competing against other buyers.

  3. Go shopping.
    Work with your realtor to find homes that fit you. When you find the right option, make an offer with your realtor. Contact me for payment information on specific properties while you shop.

  4. Work with us once your offer is accepted.
    We’ll lock your interest rate, follow up on disclosure documents and get ready for closing.

  5. Close on your dream home!
    We’ll review with you all the disclosures, funds needed, and documentation to bring to close. On closing day, you will sign the final documents with the title company and receive keys to your new home!

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