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Tony Weick


Bell is an organization where people truly live our core values day in and day out. At Bell, we provide a family environment and unequaled customer service, and we pay it forward in the communities we serve. It’s these values that drive the strategic decisions we make for business success – and that of our business partners and customers.

In my position, I’m the executive responsible for overall residential mortgage functions at Bell. I’ve been at Bell more than 14 years, and in the mortgage and financial field for 23. Easily, the best thing about my position is the people.

Working at a privately owned company, with owners who care about our employees, families and communities, allows us to continually make the right decisions, now and for the future.


Darin Montgomery

Vice President/Capital Markets

In my work at Bell, I most enjoy the family-oriented culture and the people I get to meet and work with every day.

I joined Bell in 2017, and I’ve been in the mortgage field since 2001. I’m responsible for managing Bell’s interest-rate risk on our residential mortgage pipeline.

I also oversee pricing on all mortgage rates and help maintain our investor relationships. I really like the challenges and the fast-paced environment of the mortgage and investment markets.


Kris Williams

Senior Vice President/Mortgage Operations

I believe Bell's core values contribute to our company’s outstanding reputation for being the best in the business, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

I love being a part of making homeownership a reality for our clients. I enjoy solving issues and creating a system that contributes to a quick, smooth process for our clients.

I’ve been in the mortgage field, and at Bell, for more than three decades. In my role here, I oversee the operations of our mortgage division – which means my days are spent problem solving, coordinating, managing and monitoring the workings of various departments, and improving processes and policies in support of organizational goals.

Because my work involves making sure everything is running smoothly, I like to say I’m the one who keeps the train on the track!


Tom Romine

Senior Vice President/Mortgage Lending

After many years in the mortgage field, I’ve met some of the best people, and I owe them for who I am today. I’m fortunate to have been a part of many businesses. And after joining this company in 2017, I can also say, Bell is a gem!

My role at Bell is in leading our service-driven sales team of more than 130 mortgage lenders – the best in the business. I would do anything for our employees – we all take ownership in our performance and Bell’s success.

We also are always looking for opportunities to grow our division. Planning for and managing that growth, and helping build our brand in many states, is another aspect of my work.

The best thing about my job is the people: building relationships and knowing we’ve made a positive difference in the lives of our employees and our customers – and that we did it as a team.


Bob Smiley

Senior Vice President/Mortgage Servicing Director

Bell is a growing company, with an employee-focused culture that’s rare in banking and financial institutions.

I’m responsible for direction, controls, operational effectiveness and growth of Bell’s mortgage servicing portfolio and activities.

I came on board in 2018 and have worked in the mortgage servicing industry for more than 30 years, in both small and mega banks. That background has given me the experience to help our team bring service excellence to customers, investors and insurers.

We have a highly experienced, professional staff. Bell is all about people. Our leadership knows investing in our employees mean investing in our company’s future.