Get savvy with your

Spending & Saving

Personal Banking

Bank where you matter – a place where happy employees and happy customers are part of the bottom line. At Bell, we put you first, offering many features for free (instead of charging sneaky fees). When you call for assistance, you’ll talk to a real person, and we know your name – you’re not as just another number here.
  • Checking

    We've got more frees! Find the perfect checking account for you, including America's Best!

  • Savings

    Compare balance requirements and interest rates to find the savings account, CD or IRA you need.

  • Credit Cards

    Choosing the right credit card is easier than ever.

  • Health Savings

    Save money in an HSA and use it, tax-free, to pay for your healthcare expenses.

  • Safe Deposit

    Feel safe knowing that all of your important belongings are in one place.

  • Mobile and Online

    Want to do your banking via desktop, laptop or smartphone? Bell's mobile and online banking has it all.

  • Banking for Teens

    Schedule allowance payments, set spending limits and discover more banking tools and tips for teens.

Find a Bell personal banker near you.

Meet your personal banker who can help you with your banking needs.


Build Your Savings With Every Purchase

We’ve simplified saving! With ChangeSaver, you can add to savings automatically every time you use your debit card.

How to Pay – Safe & Contact-Free

Time to ditch the wallet! Use contactless pay on your Apple, Google or Samsung phone, and pay without touching a keypad. (It’s safe AND trendy!)

Gifts That Change Lives

Bell’s unique Pay It Forward initiative has empowered more than $17 million in giving and changed thousands of lives. Check out our stories (but have a tissue handy!).