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Personal CDs and IRAs

Pick the CD term that works best for you and watch your savings grow with high-yield certificate of deposit specials. Open a CD online today or stop by any Bell Bank location. IRAs are not available to open online. Visit a Bell Bank location to open an IRA.
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Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposit

$500 minimum deposit. Terms from three months to five years.

7 Month CD Special

Payment Frequency: Maturity

14 Month CD Special

Payment Frequency: Annually

3 Month (91 Day) CD

Payment Frequency: Maturity

6 Month (182 Day) CD

Payment Frequency: Maturity

1 Year (12 Month) CD

Payment Frequency: Maturity

18 Month CD

Payment Frequency: Semiannually

2 Year (24 Month) CD

Payment Frequency: Annually

3 Year (36 Month) CD

Payment Frequency: Annually

5 Year (60 Month) CD

Payment Frequency: Annually

Flexible Certificate of Deposit

$5,000 minimum deposit
If rates go up – increase the interest rate once during the term
If you need cash – withdraw up to half without penalty once during the term

10 Month Flexible CD
(Not for IRAs)

Payment Frequency: Maturity

15 Month Flexible CD
(Not for IRAs)

Payment Frequency: Annually

30 Month Flexible CD
(Not for IRAs)

Payment Frequency: Semiannually

Variable Rate IRAs

$50 minimum deposit

IRA Variable Rate Savings

Payment Frequency: Maturity
Bank IRA rates correspond to our regular certificate of deposit rates. Contributions may be added to variable rate retirement accounts at any time.


An individual retirement account can be a low-risk investment for retirement, with several tax advantages. Our bank retirement accounts have terms ranging from one month to five years.

  • No annual fees, commissions or hidden charges
  • No risk – FDIC insured up to $250,000
  • Tax-deferred earnings – so your money grows faster
  • Trade up – after age 59 1/2, you may trade up to a higher rate once a year
  • Your retirement funds stay local

In most cases, you can't withdraw the money from an IRA without penalty until you reach the age of 59 1/2. CD-funded individual retirement accounts offer stable investment opportunities, and are FDIC insured. Consult your tax advisor to see if one is right for you.

Stop by any Bell Bank location to open an IRA.

Bell Bank CDs Give You:

A safe, FDIC-insured way to save with NO account fees

Guaranteed, predictable earnings

Higher returns than you’ll usually find in a savings account


  • Do you offer higher returns on high deposit CDs?
    Yes, certificates of deposits over $100,000 receive an additional 0.05% on top of the advertised rate.
  • Can I withdraw my money at any time?
    Yes, you can withdraw your money early, but you may have to pay an early withdrawal penalty, depending on the term of your CD. Learn more about how CDs work here.
  • What happens at the end of my CD term?

    The choice is yours. You can:

    • Withdraw your money
    • Reinvest your money into a new CD
    • Do nothing, and your CD will automatically renew at the closest available term and current interest rate.
  • Can I open a CD for someone else?
    Yes! Opening a CD for a special child in your life can be a great way to start saving for their future. All you need is their Social Security number.

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