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Looking to buy a home?

Whether you're thinking about buying your first home or your next home, considering a build, purchasing a vacation home, or refinancing to save money, the friendly team at Bell Bank Mortgage will walk you through every step of the loan process.

Our expert mortgage lenders help you find the mortgage you need – one that makes sense for your unique situation. We don’t just have you “sign on the dotted line.” We’ll guide you through all your options – including VA loans, FHA loans and other special programs – to make sure you have the best possible loan for you. We’ll walk you through the mortgage loan process, all the way from your mortgage application and approval to closing. If needed, we’ll even talk you through the ins and outs of a mortgage – everything from your credit score, principal and interest, fixed and adjustable rates, and monthly mortgage payments, to private mortgage insurance (PMI), closing costs, and escrow.

Your home is probably the biggest purchase of your life. We want to answer all your questions, so you feel completely comfortable with your decision. And we’re confident you’ll enjoy Bell’s unequaled customer service for the life of your loan!

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Here’s Where to Start

Buying a home is an exciting time, and we’re here to guide you through this process to make it smooth and enjoyable – so you can close on time, with no surprises!

Once you start thinking about buying a home, the best place to begin is with a mortgage lender (also called a mortgage banker or loan officer).

Many people mistakenly think this step comes after you’ve already found your dream home and are ready to make an offer. The truth is, many Realtors (or real estate agents) won’t even show you a home until you have a pre-approval letter from a lender, and most listing agents won’t even entertain an offer without a pre-approval. Plus, it makes the initial house search easier when you know how much home you can afford.

A mortgage lender will help you meet your home-buying goals by reviewing your credit, down payment options and loan programs available. When you meet with a mortgage lender for a free pre-approval before you shop for a home, real estate agents, builders and sellers will know you’re a serious buyer who knows what you can afford. This also ensures you won’t miss out on being a contender for a home if you happen to see one you love and want to make an offer right away.

Contact one of our mortgage experts today to get started!

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Why Work With Bell Bank Mortgage?

Your loan is not just another deal to us. We understand it’s a dream of homeownership that could unlock a future of possibilities.

At Bell, we treat our clients how we would like to be treated. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our highly competitive rates, wide variety of loan programs and reputation for exceptional service, integrity and on-time closings.

Every step of your financing is handled in-house, which means faster answers, fewer headaches and peace of mind. Built on a solid foundation of doing the right thing means we put our clients’ best interests first, always.

Find a Bell Bank Mortgage lender near you.

Find Out If Refinancing Makes Sense

Refinancing your mortgage can help you obtain a lower rate, change the length of your term or help you access equity in your home. So how do you determine if a refinance is right for you?

Contact us to discuss your financial situation, and we will work with you to provide options to achieve your goals.

Should I refinance?

Your Picture-Perfect Home Awaits

You’re not just building a house – you’re building a home – and we would love to help you move smoothly into the place where you and your family will make memories for years to come.

When you’re ready to build, Bell makes the loan process as simple as possible with these 5 steps:

  1. Review construction loan programs and qualifying information with your Bell lender.
  2. Select your builder by visiting model homes and inspecting their work.
  3. Complete your online mortgage application, and download documentation.
  4. We’ll guide you through anything we need to finalize your mortgage approval, appraisal and title work.
  5. Close on your new home!

For a standard new construction loan, there are 2 loans: one provides funds for building costs throughout the construction process, and a second (the end loan) is used to pay off the construction loan and provide the long-term financing you choose.

When working with Bell, you also have the unique option for a one-time close, eliminating the step of contractor refinancing when your construction is complete.

Benefits of Building with Bell

  • The entire construction loan process is handled in-house, from the application to the draws through the end loan refinance. This helps ensure a steady and reliable process.
  • We only work with high quality, dependable builders and require them to be approved by our in-house construction department prior to starting any project.
  • Costs for financing are transparent and provided upfront – not included in a home’s cost.
  • Low down payments are allowed, certain financing costs may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor), and you are involved throughout the progress of your construction project.

Contact one of our experts today or call any bank or Bell Bank Mortgage location to start the conversation.

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How to Choose the Right Mortgage Lender for You

It might seem easier – or more convenient – to shop for your mortgage online. But there are 3 big advantages to working with a local, reputable lender on what is likely one of the biggest purchases of your life.

1. Local lenders know the market.

Not only do they regularly work with local appraisers, title companies and agents, but they’ve also likely driven through the neighborhoods, walked the nearby parks and shopped in the local stores.

3. Local lenders are available if something goes wrong.

If there’s an issue with your appraisal or closing, a local lender who has formed a relationship with you and understands your situation is more likely to be able to help you than a call center that may or may not be open.

2. You can meet with local lenders face to face.

A mortgage can be complicated. It’s easy for misunderstandings to happen through email or over the phone. But when you can meet with a lender face to face, you can clear up a lot of that potential confusion.

Have more questions? Check out our Mortgage Q&A resource or give one of our mortgage experts a call!

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Keeping It Simple

We’re here to simplify the home-buying process, educate you every step of the way and show you options for getting into a home with a low down payment and competitive interest rates. Here’s what to expect for your next steps with Bell:

1. Meet with a Loan Officer

Discuss financial goals such as a comfortable payment range, assets you have set aside for the purchase, and the type of home you are looking for (i.e. townhouse, condo, single-family dwelling).

2. Get Pre-Approved

Apply on your Bell Bank Mortgage lender’s website, and we will gather your credit information and all relevant financial documents from you to determine the best loan program options.

3. Go Shopping

Tour homes that fit what you’re looking for and make an offer with your real estate agent. Contact your loan officer for payment information on specific properties while you shop.

4. When Your Offer Is Accepted

Lock in your interest rate, sign disclosure documents sent to you and submit updated documents for final loan approval.

5. Close on Your Dream Home!

We’ll review with you all the disclosures, funds needed, and documentation to bring to close. On closing day, you will sign the final documents with the title company and receive keys to your new home!
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