Rachel Johnson

VP/Treasury Management Team Lead

In my role as VP/treasury management team lead, I oversee our Twin Cities and Duluth, Minn., treasury management teams. The dedication and support our leadership team has shown me since I joined Bell Bank in 2016 is something I want to give back to my team. I enjoy helping my team serve our clients, encouraging them to grow as individuals and creating a rewarding work environment.

Bell fosters an environment of lasting relationships, which translates into how we connect with our clients. In my role, I focus on all things related to commercial deposits. My goal is to help clients be more efficient in their business operations through treasury management, providing solutions for managing their cash and liquidity while being a trusted resource to hedge risk against fraud. A bank transition can be daunting, but we’re here to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. We strive to understand what motivates a client to make a banking transition, and more often than not, it boils down to relationships and service.

During my career, I have seen the importance of building and maintaining trust with clients and colleagues. We saw firsthand the impact a banking relationship had on businesses during the Paycheck Protection Program process, and now more than ever clients are looking for a banking relationship that’s like an extension of their team – not transactional.

Originally from the Twin Cities, I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Away from the office, I enjoy spending my time with family and friends.