Bell Wealth Newsletter

Bell Wealth is a quarterly newsletter published by Bell Bank. In each issue you can find insightful information related to financial guidance and planning, provided by the experienced team in our Wealth Management Division.

January 2023 - Is Economic Stage Being Set for Decline?

September 2022 - Shannon Gephart Helping Foundations Make A Bigger Impact

July 2022 - Brian Overby Joins Bell Bank As Wealth Management Managing Director

April 2022 - What To Know About Alternative Investments - Including Cryptocurrency

January 2022 - Are You Jumping Off The Investment Bridge

October 2021 - Taking Care of People

July 2021 - BUCKING TRENDS & BLAZING TRAILS – the Founding of a Maverick Bank

April 2021 - Matt Bushard Finds Truth in Numbers

January 2021 - Perfect Storm of 2020 Illustrates Importance of Investment Planning, Not Timing

October 2020 - The Thrill of the Game

July 2020 - A Light in the Darkness

April 2020 - How to Weather the Storm of Market Declines & Uncertainty

January 2020 - Greg Sweeney Talks Recession Probability & State of the Economy

October 2019 - Former Viking Brooks Bollinger Now Quarterbacking Clients' Finances

July 2019 - A History of Helping Others

April 2019 - Concern for ClientsPromptsKeith Burckto Join BellInvestments

January 2019 - Bell’s ‘Chief InvestmentGuru’ TacklesQuestionsaboutInvestments,Economy

October 2018 - Unexpected DETOURS lead to HAPPY ENDING

July 2018 - EMPOWERING others financially

April 2018 - TAX LAW changes explained

January 2018 - PUTTING HERSELF IN OTHERS’ shoes

November 2017 - ‘Learning Under Fire’

July 2017 - Managing the Game, Both On and Off the Court

April 2017 - Bell Bank Lawyer Helps Protect Clients’ Interests and Wishes

January 2017 - Markets Seem Optimistic about 2017 Economic Outlook

October 2016 - The RoadLessTravelled

July 2016 - Advisor Brings Wealth ofExperience into New Role

April 2016 - Turning lifelong training,goals, and motivationinto advice on savingfor retirement.

January 2016 - Greetings from Bell Wealth Management!

October 2015 - Living an Adventure Every Day

July 2015 - Guidance and Exceptional Personal Service

May 2015 - Of Guidance and Game:The View of a Fisherman

January 2015 - Retirement Manager Is StrategicOn and Off the Tennis Court

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