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Access Working Capital

During the varied stages of the business cycle, companies may have difficulty obtaining traditional bank financing – specifically phases of rapid growth, high leverage, earnings volatility, material customer concentration expansion, seasonal fluctuations and acquisition.  At Bell Business Credit we deliver predictability in lending relationships, reliable liquidity access and a competitive price point. We work to deepen our understanding of each client’s current and long term financing requirements, including industry and historical trends, so we can customize financing solutions to best serve our client’s needs.

Asset Based Lending

This type of loan provides a line of credit based on a broad range of your company’s eligible assets– such as accounts receivable, inventory or machinery and equipment – with a more limited focus on the financial metrics of your business. An ABL facility may provide access to previously unrealized liquidity while offering a no-covenant or covenant-light structure providing cash flow that may not have been previously available under more traditional lending facilities.

These loans offer higher customer concentration eligibility, more aggressive advance rates on collateral, while providing flexible credit line sizes that can fluctuate based on your current business size and objectives.

Invoice Discounting / Factoring Solutions

With invoice discounting or factoring, cash is provided through the purchase of your company’s accounts receivable at advance rates as high as 90%.  Eligibility is granted based on the creditworthiness of your customers, rather than the financial performance of your company.  This program provides significant cash flow relief as you are not waiting for funds based on when your customers chose to pay or exercise extended payment terms. 

How We Can Help

Our services are ideally suited for working capital intensive companies that generate $2 million to $120 million in annual revenue. With Bell Business Credit, you can leverage accounts receivable, inventory and equipment when you need to readily access working capital for:
  • Ongoing cash flow
  • Growth financing
  • Turnaround or restructuring
  • Acquisition Support
  • Recapitalization
  • And more!

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