Common Questions About the Mortgage Payments Upgrade

Here are answers to several common questions we’ve received about the mortgage servicing system upgrade taking place between June 28 and July 5, 2019.

Q. I use SmartPay to make my mortgage payments from another bank. Will I still be able to do that?

A. Our new system will replace the SmartPay platform for mortgage payments from a non-Bell account. Instead, you’ll need to set up those payments through Bell’s personal online banking. You should enroll in online banking now to make sure you’re ready to set up payments when the new system is implemented.

Q. I use automatic ACH payments to pay my mortgage. Will that change?
A. Your ACH payments will transfer automatically to the new system. You do not need to do anything at this time. (Due to our system conversion, there may be a delay if the draft occurs between June 25 and July 3.)

Q. Can I still make one-time payments?

A. Of course, you still have that option. You will be able to set up, modify or delete an individual payment through online banking.

NOTE: For new one-time draft payments, draft dates up to 14 days after the payment due date will be available at no charge. There will be a $5 fee for one-time payments made after the 15th of the month, for the current month’s payment. There is no charge when paying future months’ payments.

Q. Will I still be able to prepay my mortgage or make recurring payments?
A. If you pre-pay your mortgage payments – you will be able to pay ahead a maximum of 3 payments. Additional funds will be posted to the balance of your loan, unless you contact us before a payment is made.

Q. How do I sign up for online banking?

A. Just visit the online banking enrollment page. We’ll walk you through the simple signup process.

Q. Will the upgrades affect how I make payments for my second mortgage, home equity loan or home equity line of credit?

A. No. The mortgage servicing system upgrades will change how you make online mortgage payments through Bell for first mortgages, not second mortgages, home equity loans or home equity lines of credit.

Q. What are the enhancements to my mortgage statements and payments?

A. Your mortgage billing statements will change. You’ll have access to far more detail and payment options on your mortgage, including the ability to:

  • Set up automatic drafting payments from external accounts
  • Make a principal-only payment from a non-Bell account
  • Make an escrow-only payment
  • Make a fees-only payment
  • Access your current amortization schedule
  • Use our loan calculator tool to see the impact of extra mortgage payments
  • Get answers to mortgage FAQs
  • See more detailed mortgage loan information
  • Receive easier-to-read escrow analysis statements
  • Choose notification options for your mortgage statements
  • View additional loan correspondence online
  • Update your email, phone, permanent address and seasonal address on your own
  • Request, display and print payoff statements
  • Order copies of documents
  • Optionally “turn off the paper” by choosing electronic statements

You will still be able to make payments from non-Bell accounts, set up recurring payments, view mortgage and year-end statements, and use secure messaging to send important documents.

Q. Will I lose access to my mortgage payment history or statements?

A. No. You will continue to have access to your mortgage payment history and statements.

Q. Which browsers support Bell’s personal online banking?

A. Bell’s online banking is supported in Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 (NOT in compatibility mode), Edge, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Make sure your browser is current, and update the version if needed. If you are using Internet Explorer 11, you will need to turn off compatibility mode.

Q. What if I need help?

A. Our customer service team and mortgage servicing teams are ready to help! Just call customer service at 800-450-8949 or mortgage servicing at 866-387-0980.