Nichole Rae

Moorhead, Minn.

Before she started banking with Bell, Nichole Rae felt uncomfortable around money and banking. Now, she is able to use her relationship with Bell to help grow her business as an artist, author, speaker and guide.

“Bell Bank is a very genuine bank. It’s authentic. It’s accessible. You have a sense of community and connection. I’ve grown my confidence, I feel much more comfortable, and I’m not intimidated with a bank like I used to be.”

How I chose Bell:

When I moved back to the area after being gone for about 8 years, my twin sister and mom bank with Bell and encouraged me to bank there. I was uprooted, so I appreciated their guidance. But my sister is the one who really nudged me, because she was going to help me get back on my feet again, and having a bank is part of that.

I had banked with Bell previously, when I was in high school, and our dad was part of the construction team that built the Moorhead branch, which is a beautiful location, so it was always very dear to me.

How long I’ve been a customer:

I’ve been banking with Bell for 5 years.

My favorite branch:

I usually bank at the downtown Fargo location.

My Bell products and services:

Checking account, savings account, business checking account, automobile loan

My favorite Bell features:

I use mobile banking a lot and mobile check deposit. I lead my own events and workshops, so if I have a group come in, I might get six different checks. Now I’ve found I have become my own banker. I’ve built some confidence up, and I sit with my phone, and I just deposit them all in.

What I tell others about Bell:

Recently I got a car loan, so that is where Bell Bank has shifted for me. I got approved under my own name – no co-signers, nothing. So it’s an extremely empowering step for me as an individual who 5 years ago began again and chose Bell Bank. It was just an amazing experience. They shined a bunch of light on me. I felt like I had made it.

I would never switch.

What it means to bank at a locally owned community bank:

Being that Bell is a smaller bank than I was used to in southern California, Bell helps me feel like my banking is accessible – I can do it. I can deposit my own checks with my mobile phone. It’s been very empowering for me, because I get to feel that sense of accomplishment right in my own home using the Bell app.

And they always answer their phone on the first ring when you call for customer service – always. They always help you. You don’t have to wait. It’s like they are right across the table from you helping you.

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