Rebecca T. and Jonathan S.

Nepal (bank at Moorhead branch)

Rebecca T. and Jonathan S. live in Nepal, where Jonathan works for the United States Armed Forces, but they continue banking with Bell Bank.

“Many military families use USAA Bank because they offer conveniences for people living away from their physical bank location. Every time someone has told us about a feature that USAA offers, we've been able to say, ‘Our hometown bank offers that same service, plus when we call them, we can talk to an actual person every time!’”

Rebecca shares what she loves about Bell:

How we chose Bell:

I was referred to Bell (then State Bank of Moorhead) by my parents, Lynn and Hank. My dad was working with the bank as a consultant at the time and had been impressed with their service. Bell helped me get my first mortgage in 2000.

How long I’ve been a customer:

I opened my first account in 1999, and Jonathan a few years later.

Why we’ve stuck with Bell, even though we live overseas:

We like knowing that we are banking with real people, often people we know (or at least know of someone in common) and with a bank that is giving back to the community. You hear about some of the big banks doing unethical things, but we know that our bank is helping people.

Our Bell products and services:

We use online banking and bill pay, deposit checks by snapping a photo, use ATMs all over the world, and in the past have had both a mortgage and car loan with Bell Bank.

Recently, we have started using Popmoney to send small amounts to repay friends or send money to our son, who is a student at Concordia College (and now a Bell customer).

I'm in the process of setting up some new savings method (perhaps a new account or a CD), and my first thought was to call Bell Bank for advice on the best way to save for our future.

Our favorite product or service:

My favorite is the online bill pay service. When you move frequently, it's easy for bills to get lost or delayed in the mail. While we are living overseas, it can take up to a month for our mail to reach us. By the time a paper bill reaches us, the payment is already overdue, and mailing a check back would take even longer.

But with online bill pay, I can make the payment as soon as I get the email statement – or with e-bills, the statement comes directly to our account. It makes it easy to pay all the bills at once, in one place and to check whether a bill has been paid.

We also like that we have been able to use ATMs all over the world without fees. There is an overseas transaction charge, but we still don't pay ATM fees.

What I tell others about Bell:

The number one thing we tell people is that Bell has all the conveniences of a larger bank, but you can call them and talk to an actual person every time.

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Here’s what you’ll love:

Committed to Giving Back

Bell’s Pay It Forward program has empowered more than $17 million in giving. Our employees choose how to help individuals, families and organizations in need.

Together, we can change the world one good deed at a time.


Award-Winning Service and Culture

Others have noticed and recognized Bell:

  • One of the country’s Best Banks to Work For (American Banker Magazine)
  • Community Impact Award (Minnesota Business magazine) 
  • Best bank, best service and best large workplace (Fargo Forum “Best of the Valley”)


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