Jeff and Kaylie Risbrudt, The Cotton Candy Co.

Moorhead, Minn.

Jeff and Kaylie Risbrudt have a sweet business – making decorative cotton candy at The Cotton Candy Co. for birthday parties, weddings and corporate events. Because they also make it a point to give back to the community, they like that their bank does the same.

“We appreciate Bell Bank’s passion for community and making a difference – not focusing on themselves, but thinking of others and how they can pay it forward. We donate to silent auctions and various events throughout the community because we care so much about others, and we see that in Bell, too.”;

How I chose Bell:

Kaylie: I remember opening my first checking account in high school with my dad. I got my first debit card with Bell.

How long we’ve been customers:

Since 2004 or 2005

Our favorite bankers:

Mary Jo Kollitz, Sandy Torgerson, Jon Walvatne, Tom Scheid and Alison Harmelink.

They know us by name, and they know what’s going on in our lives, too. It’s more personal. It’s a good customer experience. They truly care about who we are.

Our Bell products and services:

Checking account, savings account, and business account.

Our favorite features:

We use our mobile app all the time. It’s really handy. We are budget-oriented. We’re always trying to be on the same page with our finances together as a team in our marriage and in our business, so being able to log in and see what our balance is and know where we’re at financially is a huge asset.

What I tell others about Bell:

The joke is always that they’ve got fresh cookies, but then we talk about the client experience.

Something that we both really appreciate is Bell’s ability to make each customer feel so special, and it’s truly an experience when you come to Bell – it’s the smiles and the warm welcomes that they have for each of their customers. Even the cookies – it’s just something extra and special.

We appreciate the warm and welcoming family environment.

What it means to bank at a locally owned, community bank:

Seeing how much Bell cares about the community and how well the company treats its employees makes us want to bank with Bell.

Are you ready for a bank you’ll love?

Switch to Bell. We want to build your trust and earn your business.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Committed to Giving Back

Bell’s Pay It Forward program has empowered more than $17 million in giving. Our employees choose how to help individuals, families and organizations in need.

Together, we can change the world one good deed at a time.


Award-Winning Service and Culture

Others have noticed and recognized Bell:

  • One of the country’s Best Banks to Work For (American Banker Magazine)
  • Community Impact Award (Minnesota Business magazine) 
  • Best bank, best service and best large workplace (Fargo Forum “Best of the Valley”)


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