Text Banking

Text banking is a free service Bell Bank offers that lets you look up your bank account information or transfer money between accounts within seconds – all through text messaging. It’s as easy as texting your family and friends, and it’s as secure as online banking. Text banking allows you to get information from your accounts quickly and easily, without needing access to Wi-Fi or the Internet.

“If you’ve ever been at the store ready to make a purchase and you wanted to know what your balance is in your account, or you wanted to know what recent transactions have cleared your account, text banking can help you,” said Brian Haugen, Bell Bank SVP/Customer Experience Director.

To start, visit bell.bank and enroll in personal online banking if you aren’t already enrolled, then click on the mobile and alerts tab or talk to a personal banker.

Text Banking Quick Codes

Send your text requests to 226563. Then use the following quick codes in your text messages:


Displays balances of all mobile banking accounts.


Transfer money between mobile banking accounts.


Provides history of transactions for an account.


Unsubscribe your mobile device from 226563 Text Banking.


Provides additional support information.

Text Banking Tips

Lost/Stolen phone
If your phone is lost or stolen, contact Bell so the bank can disable your text banking. For security, account numbers are never sent through text banking.

Text banking is a free service. Message and data rates from your mobile carrier may apply.

Multiple Accounts
To receive information for multiple accounts, set up nicknames for your accounts through online banking.
BAL texts display the balances of all mobile banking accounts.

To transfer money between mobile banking accounts: send a text to 226563, type TRA and the nickname for the account you want to transfer money from followed by the nickname for the account you want to transfer your money to and the amount you want to transfer. For example, to transfer $50 from your savings account to your checking account, do something like this: TRA sav1 chk1 50

You can sign up to receive text alerts on your account activity. Alerts can notify you when checks clear, money is deposited or withdrawn, a balance falls below a certain amount, the bank has sent you a secure message, or you have exceeded a budget category you have set up through online banking.

Changing number
If you change your mobile number, log in to online banking to update your account information.

Visit bell.bank to enroll in mobile text banking or talk to a personal banker.
Some prepaid or family plans that block short code texting will not allow text banking.
To disenroll from text banking, go into online banking and disable the service.