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Pay It Forward

Donation Helps Pet Rescue Pay Off Vet Bill

Some employees in our Alexandria branch pooled their Pay It Forward funds to pay off a pet rescue’s vet bill, allowing the organization to rescue more animals.

“It was a complete surprise. It allowed us to pay down our vet bill, which had gotten horrendously high because we had a handful of really sick dogs.” – Karen Fieldhammer, Ellie’s Legacy Pet Rescue founder

Bell Employees

Becca Gill, Bell Investments sales assistant

Crystal Thielke, customer service representative

Alexandria, Minn.


Ellie's Legacy Pet Rescue

The Need

Ellie's Legacy Pet Rescue is an Alexandria, Minn., animal foster care program that takes in dogs and cats in need of a second chance. Since its launch in August of 2014, the rescue has saved more than 250 dogs and cats.

The pet rescue relies on donations to cover heartworm and flea prevention as well as vet bills. Ellie’s Legacy had a large bill with Glacial Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Glenwood, Minn., which allows the organization to run a bill and pay it off as they receive donations. But because of the bill, Ellie’s Legacy was hesitant to take in more animals.

The Impact

Bell’s Pay It Forward donation helped Ellie's Legacy Pet Rescue pay off its bill.

Becca also started serving as one of Ellie’s Legacy’s foster families in January and has cared for 8 dogs so far, including a pregnant dog who gave birth to 6 puppies.

“It has definitely been a rewarding experience,” she remarks. “My daughter, Makayla, and I both have a soft spot for dogs and puppies. Our first foster, Max, was going to be euthanized in a few days due to overcrowding in a metro shelter. Max was scared and didn’t know what toys or treats were. When Makayla sat down next to him to pet and hug him, he melted into her. He had not seen love for so long. He was adopted in June to a loving Fargo couple who spoil him rotten. They share pictures with us and it is so fun to see how far he has come.”

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