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Pay It Forward

Logan’s Journey

December 21 changed Logan’s life forever. When he was diagnosed with leukemia, Logan’s friends and sixth-grade classmates rallied around to support him as he fought cancer.

“It’s been a tough journey for Logan, but it’s amazing – watching from the outside – how strong he’s been throughout everything.” – Kelly Hubrig, VP/wealth advisor

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Kelly Hubrig, VP/wealth advisor



Logan Falk and family

The Need

Like many who hear this diagnosis, the Falk family never saw it coming. December 21, 2017, would be a day they’d never forget.

“Logan was diagnosed with T-cell leukemia – a diagnosis that changes your life,” recalls his father, Nate Falk.

The 11-year-old’s family met with his doctor almost immediately after diagnosis, and their battle against cancer began.

“I was overwhelmed at times, just trying to process it,” Nate says. “(He) asked what was coming, accepted the treatment, knew it was going to be hard on him and just kept going.”

Meanwhile, Logan’s friend Parker Hubrig and classmates rallied around him.

“He’s kind – he’s the best friend that you can have,” Parker said.

That’s when Parker and his dad, Kelly Hubrig, started brainstorming about what else they could do to help the family.

The Impact

With Nate Falk, Logan’s dad, being a client of Kelly’s and the two families living on the same lake, it wasn’t strange when the Hubrigs invited the Falks to their home.

What they thought might be dinner and conversation turned into much more than that.

“We had a bunch of the bank staff and family there, so they knew something was up when they got there, but not quite to that magnitude,” Kelly says.

Handing Logan a packet, Kelly told Logan he and his dad would be attending a Seahawks game with dollars pooled for airfare, tickets and hotel.

“We got to go down on the field and watch them warm up for the game,” Logan recalls. “I was excited and thankful that they let me do this.”

But that wasn’t all. The leftover funds were presented as a large check for nearly $7,750.

“We put that in his savings account for college someday,” Logan’s dad explains.

“It’s been a tough journey for Logan, but it’s amazing – watching from the outside – how strong he’s been throughout everything. So just to add a little extra touch was nice,” Kelly says.

Throughout the battle, Logan has undoubtedly become a stronger child.

“You can’t go through what’s he’s gone through and not have to accept that,” Nate says. “But he knew what he was up against and we’re beating it.”

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