Rent a safe deposit box
Why worry about the safety of your treasured heirlooms or valuable documents? When you rent a safe deposit box, you can feel safe knowing that all of your important belongings are in one place, protected from loss, theft or destruction.

What Is a Safe Deposit Box?

Really, a safe deposit box is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s an individually secured container, kept in the vault at your bank, where you can store whatever items you want kept safe and secure. (And that fit in the box you’re renting, of course!)

What should you keep in a safe deposit box? Here are some items people commonly choose to store securely at their bank by renting a safe deposit box:

  • Important family documents (such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, deeds or titles)
  • Financial documents (such as stocks, bonds, or certificates of deposit)
  • Valuables such as jewelry
  • Keepsakes (such as heirlooms or things of sentimental value)

Is My Safe Deposit Box Insured?

Contents of your safe deposit box are not FDIC-insured. Instead, you should consider insuring the contents through your homeowners or renters insurance. You should also note that while safe deposit boxes are designed to be fire- and water-resistant, they are not necessarily immune to fire or flooding.

How Do I Access My Safe Deposit Box?

Bring your safe deposit box key to the bank. After you sign in to get access, a bank team member will take you to the safe deposit area of the vault. It takes 2 keys – the bank’s guard key along with your own key – to open your safe deposit box.

How Do I Rent a Safe Deposit Box?

Renting a safe deposit box requires a deposit account, such as a checking or savings. The annual rent for the box must be paid by automatic deduction from your Bell Bank checking or savings account.

Availability, sizes and prices vary by location. Contact a personal banker at any Bell Bank location for details on where you can rent a safe deposit box for storing your valuables.




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