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We’ve upgraded and enhanced your Bell Bank mortgage online account and payment information, with a new look, improved navigation and new features. 

You are now able to more quickly navigate your mortgage account with easier-to-read details. In addition to managing your payments, expanded options are available to help you pay down your loan faster! Future options for setting up flexible payments, finding your property value, and learning more about financial topics and goals related to home ownership are planned for release later in 2021.

Banking’s a part of your life. We want to make it the easy part.

Online Mortgage Banking Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we upgrading the mortgage platform?
We are upgrading our mortgage banking technology to improve the look and navigation for easier access to your mortgage account information and services.
Does this change how I log in?
There will be no change to how you access your mortgage. You will continue to log in at Bell.Bank and select the Mortgage tile as you do today.
If I scheduled a payment prior to the upgrade, will I need to schedule the payment again?
No. Any one-time payment requests prior to our go-live date will process as normal, including future-dated payments.
Do I need to reset my email alerts and paperless settings?
You will need to reset any event alerts once the new site is live. No changes will be required to your paperless setting preferences.
Can I still manage my automatic draft on the new site?
Yes. You can continue to add, change or cancel your monthly auto draft on the new site.
If you have questions or need assistance, contact online banking customer service at 855-450-7990 or mortgage servicing at 866-387-0980.