Make Saving Automatic with ChangeSaver

Save While You Spend With Your Bell Bank Debit Card

Sign up for our FREE ChangeSaver™ program to grow your savings the fast, easy way! With ChangeSaver, you can “round up” your debit card purchases – and watch the difference automatically transfer into your savings.

Choose ChangeSaver, and every bag of groceries, cup of coffee and tank of gas purchased with your Bell Bank debit card automatically adds up to more savings for you. The more you use your debit card to make everyday purchases, the more you’ll save.

Plus, Bell Bank will help you increase your savings by matching 5% of your total savings round-ups – up to $250 a year!*

How ChangeSaver Works

When you sign up for ChangeSaver, you can choose from 3 round-up options, including:

  1. Round up to the nearest dollar
  2. Round up your purchase by $1
  3. Round up your purchase by $2
For example, if you choose to round up to the nearest dollar, your debit card purchase of $11.57 would result in $0.43 automatically deposited into your savings account. (Or you can simply choose to add $1 or $2 to your savings each time you spend.)

Note: In personal online banking, you would see 2 charges (or debits) to your checking account – for example: $11.57 for the initial purchase and $0.43 for your savings round up. Then, in your savings account, you would see a $0.43 deposit (or credit).

Personal Online Banking with ChangeSaver

What You Need to Sign Up for ChangeSaver

To participate in the Bell Bank ChangeSaver program you’ll need:

  • A Bell Bank personal checking account with a debit card
  • A Bell Bank savings account
Don’t have a Bell Bank checking or savings account? We’d love to help! Feel free to call us, visit a location or open a checking or savings account online.

How to Sign Up for ChangeSaver

Once you have a Bell Bank savings and checking account, there are 2 ways to sign up for ChangeSaver:

*The 5% ChangeSaver match will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099INT. The annual match limit is $250. You need to be enrolled in ChangeSaver and have your checking and savings account open on the last day of the year to receive your 5% match for the year. If you close either account before the end of the year, matching funds are forfeited.

ChangeSaver Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After I sign up for ChangeSaver, when will the money transfer from my checking to ChangeSaver savings begin?
You will begin seeing your savings round-ups within 48 hours of enrolling in the ChangeSaver program.
If I have a joint checking account, and both owners have debit cards, will ChangeSaver apply to both cards?
Yes. When you sign up for the ChangeSaver program, enrollment applies to all debit card transactions tied to the checking account. You can’t have 1 debit card enrolled in the ChangeSaver program but not the other.
How often are my round-ups transferred to my savings account?
The round-ups or the extra $1 or $2 from your debit card purchases are transferred daily from your checking account to your savings account. However, if you do not have sufficient available funds in your checking account – or if any transaction has overdrawn your checking account on a business day – we do not round-up purchases posted on that business day, and we cancel the ChangeSaver transfer for that day.
Does ChangeSaver work any differently if I choose “Debit” (and enter a PIN) or “Credit” (and sign my name) at the store?
All debit card transactions will result in a ChangeSaver contribution except round-ups when the transaction ends in $.00. However, if you sign up to add $1 or $2 to each transaction, this will occur on all debit card transactions.
What if I return an item that I purchased with my debit card? What will happen to my debit card round-up transfer?
If your debit card purchase is subsequently cancelled or reversed (for example, through a returned purchase), the corresponding daily round-up transfer will remain in the savings account. Credit transactions or adjustment transactions will not be rounded up.
What if I overdraw my checking account?
A daily transfer will not occur in any of the following situations:
  • A negative balance already exists
  • The transfer will create a negative balance (i.e., will overdraw your account)
When will I get my bank match?
The matching funds will be credited to your savings account. This will take place December 31 each year. To receive the matching funds, your checking and savings accounts must be open and in good standing, and you must still be enrolled in ChangeSaver.
If I decide to quit participating in the ChangeSaver savings program, or I close my account, do I still get a 5% match at the end of the year?
You need to be enrolled in ChangeSaver and have your checking and savings account open on the last day of the year to receive your 5% match for the year. If you close either account before the end of the year, matching funds are forfeited.
How can I keep track of my ChangeSaver savings?
You can view your ChangeSaver round ups by viewing transaction history for your savings account through personal online banking or on your savings account statement.
Do I need to maintain a certain balance in my savings account?
Bell Bank has a variety of savings accounts available with varying minimum balances.
How do I stop my ChangeSaver savings program?
If you want to stop your ChangeSaver program, visit one of our locations or call 701-298-1550. Customer service representatives are answer the phones 7 days a week: weekdays from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (CT) and weekends from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CT).