Pay It Forward is a unique initiative at Bell Bank, putting dollars into the hands of our Bell team members every year so they can give where they see the most need. This tradition has empowered millions of dollars in grassroots giving and impacted tens of thousands of lives.

Every year, every full-time Bell Bank employee receives $1,000 and every part-timer $500 to give as they choose to individuals, families and organizations in need. Some team members choose to pool their funds, or team up with community members or businesses, to give an even larger gift.



Bell president and CEO Michael Solberg announces the Pay It Forward initiative as the company's Christmas party.

Employees start giving away their Pay It Forward funds, carefully choosing needs and causes they care about.

Pay It Forward at Bell reaches $10 million in giving since the program began.

During the pandemic, Bell's majority owners announce they are doubling employees' Pay It Forward dollars for 2020.

For more than a decade, Bell Bank's Pay It Forward tradition has been one of our company's greatest blessings every year.

Total Pay It Forward Giving 2008-2020

In some years, community members were given "Community Connect" Pay It Forward funds to give away to those in need.

Pay It Forward Giving in 2020


People in Need



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